Download BitMiracle Docotic.Pdf v8.6.13474

BitMiracle Docotic.Pdf v8.6.13474

BitMiracle Docotic.Pdf v8.6.13474
BitMiracle Docotic.Pdf v8.6.13474

Docotic.Pdf is a high-performance C# PDF library for .NET 4.0, .NET Standard 2.0, and later frameworks. You can use it to create, read, and edit PDF documents in .NET Core, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, Xamarin, Blazor, Unity, and HoloLense applications.

Docotic.Pdf provides an easy-to-use API. There is a large set of C# and VB.NET samples to help you integrate the SDK in your project quickly. Contact us to get a comprehensive answer within a few hours. You'll get the answer directly from developers.

Since the first release in 2010, we constantly improve quality of Docotic.Pdf and increase its feature set. The library is fast and its memory consumption is low even for large PDF documents. Our C# code is 100% managed without unsafe blocks, and has no external dependencies. To prevent regressions, we check each build of our PDF SDK with thousands of automatic tests. This allows us to provide you with production-quality builds as soon as the new build with fixes and improvements is ready.

Use Docotic.Pdf library to convert PDF documents to text in .NET. You can extract formatted text to parse structured data like tables.

You can also read PDF text with detailed information (position, font, color) about every text chunk. That allows you to search text in PDF documents and highlight found phrases.

Docotic.Pdf supports right-to-left and bidirectional text. You can use it to extract Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian text from PDF documents in .NET.

Edit PDF documents in C#
Docotic.Pdf is a powerful .NET PDF editor. You can compress PDF documents. It is possible to remove content. For example, potentially insecure content like actions, attachments, controls.

You can also edit page objects - replace images, change colors, remove or replace text in PDF.

Docotic.Pdf SDK allows you to split and merge PDF documents in just a few lines of code. And you can remove or reorder pages. With help of the library it's possible to impose PDF pages.

Convert PDF to images in C#
Our .NET PDF library allows you to save PDF pages as images. You can convert PDF pages to full size or thumbnail images in PNG, TIFF, and JPEG formats.

Or you can save PDF documents as multipage TIFF files. The library can produce bitonal and grayscale TIFF images.

It is also possible to print PDF documents in C# and VB.NET using Docotic.Pdf.

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