Download SelectPdf for .NET Library 22 (Source Code Only)

SelectPdf for .NET Library 22 (Source Code Only)

SelectPdf for .NET Library 22 (Source Code Only)
SelectPdf for .NET Library 22 (Source Code Only)

SelectPdf for .NET is a professional PDF library that can be used for creating, writing, editing, handling and reading PDF files without any external dependencies within .NET applications. Using this .NET PDF library, you can implement rich capabilities to create PDF files from scratch or process existing PDF documents entirely through C#/VB.NET without installing Adobe Acrobat.

Many rich features can be supported by SelectPdf for .NET PDF API, such as security setting (including digital signatures), PDF merge/split, text, html and image drawing into pdf, PDF form fields filling, PDF portfolios and many more. SelectPdf for .NET can be used to easily convert HTML to PDF with C#/VB.NET in high quality. SelectPdf can also extract text from existing PDF documents or search for text in PDF documents and can convert PDF pages to raster images (PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF).

SelectPdf provides versions for .NET Framework and .NET Core 2.0 and above (through .NET Standard 2.0). This includes .NET 5, .NET 6 and above. SelectPdf only works on Windows. SelectPdf works on Azure cloud, including Azure Web Apps (Basic plan or above) with some limitations.

General Features
Support for .NET Framework and .NET Core on Windows systems
Generate PDF documents from scratch
Load and modify existing PDF documents
Set PDF document properties
Set PDF document viewer preferences
Set pdf page settings (size, orientation, margins)
Set PDF document security settings (user password, permissions)
Support for a large variety of pdf elements: text, image, html, shapes, links, bookmarks, etc
Pdf templates to repeat elements in all pages of the generated PDF document
Custom headers and footers for the generated pdf document
Watermarks and stamps
Support for page numbering
Merge pdf documents
Split pdf documents
Extract pages from existing pdf documents
Digital signatures
Compressed pdf documents
Support for pdf open actions (open to a specific page, execute jаvascript)
Modify color space
Support for PDF/A, PDF/X standards
Advanced security settings (RC4 or AES encryption algorithms, up to 256 bits encryption keys)
Form filling
PDF portfolios management
Resize/scale existing PDF content
Html to Pdf Converter Features
Convert any web page to pdf
Convert any raw html string to pdf
Set pdf page settings (page size, page orientation, page margins)
Resize content during conversion to fit the pdf page
Set pdf document properties
Set pdf viewer preferences
Set pdf security (passwords, permissions)
Convert multiple web pages into the same pdf document
Set conversion delay and web page navigation timeout
Custom headers and footers
Support for html in headers and footers
Possibility to have different headers and footers for specific pages
Automatic and manual page breaks
Repeat html table headers on each page
Support for @media types screen and print
Support for internal and external links
Generate bookmarks automatically based on html elements
Support for HTTP headers
Support for HTTP cookies
Support for HTTP POST parameters
Possibility to manually start the html to pdf conversion from jаvascript
Support for web pages that require authentication
Support for proxy servers
Possibility to convert only a section of a web page to pdf
Possibility to exclude certain html elements from conversion
Enable/disable jаvascript
Modify color space
Support for PDF/A, PDF/X standards
Multithreading support
HTML5/CSS3 support
Web fonts support
Html to Image Converter Features
Convert any web page to image
Convert any raw html string to image
Pdf To Text Converter Features
Extract Text from PDF
Extract text at specific coordinates
Search for Text in PDF
Pdf To Image Converter Features
Convert PDF Pages to Images

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