Download Stimulsoft Reports for Blazor 2023.1.1

Stimulsoft Reports for Blazor 2023.1.1

Stimulsoft Reports for Blazor 2023.1.1
Stimulsoft Reports for Blazor 2023.1.1

Stimulsoft Reports.BLAZOR is a cross-platform reporting tool created for integration in applications, which works using the Blazor framework. Our components support all the main capabilities of Blazor. They can work both on the .NET server-side and the client-side with the use of WebAssembly technology. All you need to work with the product is a modern Web browser!

Blazor framework is similar to Angular and other jаvascript frameworks, and the applications which were written on them work in the browser window. The main difference is the use of universal .NET libraries, which can work both on the server-side and fully on the client-side using WebAssembly technology. To work with reports, you can use familiar development environments and C# code. You can easily switch from the client-server technology to full client, the support of both deployment modes, and much more you will find in the report builder for Blazor.

Blazor Server
When using the Blazor Server technology, all the logic of an application works on the server-side. Only the user interface of the viewer and report designer is displayed in the browser window. A browser sends an event via the SignalR module when interacting with the interface. The server processes it and sends back the information about what part of a visual interface is updated. All the work with a visual part of components, data processing, and report generation is carried out on the server-side, which allows you to use reporting components almost on any device. Server performance is crucial here.

Blazor WebAssembly
The technology is intended to develop working applications in a browser. A visual part is created, the viewer and report designer are customized, and events are connected and processed using C# code and Razor technology. Next, an application is compiled into .NET assemblies and fully loaded to a browser using the WebAssembly. When the report builder works, browser resources are used. Accordingly, requirements to the server are minimal. When using WebAssembly for developing a project, your browser should support this technology.

Data for reports
Our reporting tool supports many ways to connect data to a report using both the report designer functionality and code. We offer a vast list of supported data servers – MS SQL, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. We support all standard types of OData protocol. You can get data from XML, JSON, Excel, and other files.


Stimulsoft Reports.BLAZOR report builder is a part of the unified Stimulsoft platform, and the reports created in other products will work in Stimulsoft Blazor and vice versa. You can create a report template in the desktop version of the report designer and continue to edit it in the cloud using the online version. We have tried to ensure that reports and dashboards are compatible with each technology.

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