Download EhLib.WinForms 1.4 Build 1.4.011 + Crack

EhLib.WinForms 1.4 Build 1.4.011 Cracked

EhLib.WinForms 1.4 Build 1.4.011 Cracked
EhLib.WinForms 1.4 Build 1.4.011 Cracked

EhLib.WinForms is a library of components and classes for Microsoft Visual Studio version 2012-2019. A library is for creating visual applications in the Windows Forms API.

The current version of the library contains the following components:

DataGridEh - Classic data grid for working and editing tabular information. An analog of the standard DataGridView grid.
DataVertGridEh - Grid for working with tabular information, but rotated 90 degrees. Rows appear as fields in a table, and columns as entries in a list.
DataPropertyGridEh - Grid for working with one record of the data table in vertical orientation. This is a DataVertGridEh with only one data column visible.
TextBoxEh - A control for entering and editing text.
MaskedTextBoxEh - A control for entering and editing text with restrictions on the format of the input data.
NumericBoxEh - A control for entering and editing numeric data.
DateTimeBoxEh - A control for entering and editing data of the Date, Time, Date and Time type.
ComboBoxEh - A control for entering and editing text in a drop-down box for selecting values.

DataGridEh is the main component of the library

DataGridEh allows you to filter data through using an autofilter dialog in which unique values are displayed and it is possible to search and filter values

Using the built-in SearchBox panel, the user can search and filter data in the grid for all cells, with highlighting of the found value in the cell.

Using events and special components, cells of various types can be displayed in one column.

DataGridEh allows you to draw a special image in the background and adjust the translucency of the grid so that the background image is visible under the data cells.

DataGridEh allows you to customize the contents of the cell so that it looks like a link

DataGridEh allows you to configure special areas in the cell in which development can display additional information to the main data

DataGridEh allows you to hide-merge duplicate values in a column

It is possible to preview and print DataGridEh on a printer

DataGridEh allows you to automatically increase the height of the row to accommodate the entire contents of the cell. Each row of the grid will have its own unique height.

DataGridEh allows you to display a tree branch icon for data that is stored in tree structures

DataVertGridEh - DataGrid which displays records in vertical orientation

DataPropertyGridEh - DataGrid that displays a single record from a DataSource

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