Download DevExpress Components for .NET v23.2.4.24066 + Patch

DevExpress Components for .NET v23.2.4.24066 + Patch

DevExpress Components for .NET v23.2.4.24066 + Patch
DevExpress Components for .NET v23.2.4.24066 + Patch

The DevExpress WinForms Subscription ships with a comprehensive suite of Office-inspired user interface components. From our award-winning Data Grid and Ribbon to our Excel-inspired Spreadsheet and Word-inspired Rich Text Editor for Windows Forms, this subscription has everything you'll need to create apps that are both beautiful and easy-to-use.

Charts, Reports, Pivot Tables and more...
The DevExpress WinForms Subscription includes dozens of high-performance user interface components for next-gen decision support systems. Whether you need to build a fully customizable analytics dashboard or incorporate reporting with end-user design capabilities, this subscription has everything you'll need to create apps that inform and engage.

Diagrams, Navigation, Docking and more...
The DevExpress WinForms Subscription allows you to deliver business solutions that are intuitive and easy to master. It ships with an extensive range of user interface elements designed to leverage your existing WinForms investments, so you can deliver solutions that are fully optimized for the desktop, high-DPI monitors, and touch-first Windows devices.

WPF Grids, Spreadsheets, Ribbons and more...
The DevExpress WPF Subscription was built with you in mind. It was built for those who demand the highest quality and expect the best performance...for those who require reliable tools engineered for today and tomorrow. Our WPF Subscription includes a powerhouse collection of Office-inspired user interface components. From a blazing-fast Data Grid and Excel-inspired Spreadsheet to our Word-inspired Rich Text Editor and Outook-inspired Scheduler, the DevExpress WPF Subscription is ready to address your toughest business requirements.

WPF Charts, Reports, Pivot Tables and more...
Our WPF Subscription includes dozens of stunning user interface elements to help you deliver fully customizable decision support systems and analytics dashboards. The subscription also includes a powerhouse reporting engine with a built-in, easy to use end-user report designer.

WPF Diagrams, NavBars, Docking and more...
Build the solutions your customers expect today and leverage your existing WPF and MVVM skillset to create next generation applications for tomorrow. DevExpress WPF Controls allow you to replicate the touch-first experience that lies at the heart of Windows 10 and to deliver highly responsive apps that meet the evolving needs of your enterprise.

Windows Development
Comprehensive Device Ecosystem Meets Unified Codebase
Windows 10 takes the final, much anticipated step towards unified codebase when developing in the Windows ecosystem. Although the target device variety keeps growing, programming for multiple device form factors has never been easier.

Much like Microsoft continuing the course it set with Window 8, we are also leveraging our efforts in Windows 8 XAML development in order to deliver our UWP Control library. Almost every included control has evolved from its Window 8 counterpart and since then has been tested in production and optimized for utmost performance and lowest memory footprint.

Your Data, Your Way
Data Editing and Analysis for Windows 10
Create compelling Windows 10 business solutions that deliver on the touch-first promise with all the power to shape and manipulate data as end-user needs dictate. The high performance Grid and Data Editor Controls exploit the power inherent in Windows 10 without limiting traditional features you've come to expect from a powerful Grid and Data Editors Library.

Time to Market, Redefined
App Navigation, PDF Viewer, and Page Layout
Bringing Windows 10 solutions to market requires tools that simplify complex development tasks. Built to increase productivity, the DevExpress App Navigation, Ribbon and Page Layout Controls help you organize the way in which users navigate within your application, preserve application states, and create application forms that meet the UI standards set by the Windows team.

Reporting Reimagined
The long term success of the enterprise is wholly dependent on the accurate exchange of mission-critical information throughout the organization. Demonstrating the impact of individual decisions for management and employees alike demands an intuitive reporting platform, one with exceptional performance and customization options. DevExpress Reports ships with a fully integrated set of productivity tools, report wizards, pre-built report templates and end-user report designers so you can build your best, without limits or compromise.

Flexibility Inside
The goal is simple: provide business users with the information required to monitor business outcomes and make intelligent, real-time decisions. While the goal may be simple, the reality is that most reports are rigid and don't allow users to efficiently explore information on their own terms. The evolving needs of the enterprise dictate that a reporting solution offer simple and straightforward end-user customization options so that report consumers can freely manipulate output to maximize clarity. Flexibility is key and ease-of-use paramount.

Infinite Possibilities
Power users demand options and want control over the information they distribute within the enterprise. The need to meet these requirements can be daunting, especially for reports. With its powerful report designers, DevExpress Reporting makes it easy to integrate runtime report customization in your next project. Whether you need a feature-rich Windows designer or prefer to use a 100% web-based tool, the suite includes everything you'll need to empower your users and reduce the number of reports you need to create within Visual Studio.

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