Download TX TextControl .NET Server for ASP.NET v32.0.0 SP3

TX TextControl .NET Server for ASP.NET v32.0.0 SP3

TX TextControl .NET Server for ASP.NET v32.0.0 SP3
TX TextControl .NET Server for ASP.NET v32.0.0 SP3

Integrate fully-featured document editing into your web applications.

Integrate the most powerful, MS Word compatible document editor that runs in all browsers. Based on modern browser technology, TX Text Control provides professional, out-of-the-box document editing functionality for your business applications.

Consistent, pixel-perfect rendering
MS Word-inspired UI and UX
Fully-featured jаvascript API
Based on HTML Canvas 2D rendering context

Document Viewer

Integrate document viewing, annotation and form filling features into your applications.
Use the lightweight document viewer to view any supported document types in any browser on any device.

Deploy and share annotations on any document
Collaborate on documents
Complete form fields
Electronically sign documents

ASP.NET Backend -

Any Frontend
Integrate TX Text Control .NET Server into your ASP.NET (Core) backend application and choose your frontend package.
Supported by the TX Text Control .NET Server backend, the document editor is available for a variety of client-side frameworks.

ASP.NET Angular Blazor jаvascript React


Server-Side Processing
Create, merge, convert and modify documents server-side without any UI.
A server-side component is used to generate, merge or modify documents programmatically in your controller code. Merge templates with data and generate a variety of document formats including Adobe PDF, Office Open XML and RTF.

Merge JSON and other data into MS Word templates
Create pixel-perfect PDF documents
Generate PDF/A-3b electronic invoices

Reporting and Mail Merge
Integrate powerful flow type layout reporting
Combine the power of a reporting tool and an easy-to-use WYSIWYG word processor - fully programmable and embeddable in your ASP.NET application.

MS Word compatible templates
Use JSON or any IEnumerable object as data sources
Create nested repeating blocks
Integrate master-detail, side-by-side and sub-reports

Adobe PDF Document Processing
Integrate PDF workflows into your business applications.
TX Text Control helps create PDF and PDF/A documents by merging data into MS Word compatible templates. It is used to cover the complete PDF document workflow from creating the document to processing incoming documents in business applications.

Create PDF and PDF/A documents from MS Word templates
Process PDF/A-3 with embedded files
Digitally sign PDFs
Create fillable forms

Electronic Signatures
Create and request signatures, sign documents and validate executed PDF documents.
The integration of digital document processing solutions including collaboration, document sharing and electronic signature processes help successful companies to serve their customers and support business continuity.

Use MS Word documents to request signatures
On premise: Store documents on your servers
Digitally sign PDF documents with X.509 certificates

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