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Tabs Studio v5.4.0

Tabs Studio v5.4.0
Tabs Studio v5.4.0

You love to write code, not scan the document well for a file name you need to switch to, and then scan the file menu drop-down list, and then resort to Solution Explorer or search. Only to repeat it a minute later when you need to switch to another document! And when you open two files with the same name there is now a game to guess the right tab from the two identically looking ones. Or maybe you recently edited a file and now don't remember its exact name - no help for you to reopen recently saved files, all tabs look the same now. Switching just between two open documents back and forth is not possible with a single keyboard shortcut and no additional windows!

You switch documents in Visual Studio hundreds of times a day and naturally want it to be a non-event, not a little quest breaking your flow again and again. The Tabs Studio extension completely replaces Visual Studio tabs and gives you precise control how to view open documents and navigate between them.

Tabs Studio automatically groups together in an extended tab corresponding C++ source and header files, WPF markup and code-behind, ASP UI and code-behind, form code and designer, WCF service and code, and other open documents that differ only in the extension. It saves screen space, lets you quickly switch between corresponding files and conveniently organizes tabs.

Tabs Studio v5.4.0 - April 27, 2024
Added support for SQL Server Management Studio 20.
Removed "Toggle Multiple Rows with Mouse Wheel" from VS 2022 tab context menu.

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