Download SubMain GhostDoc Enterprise v2024.1.24160

SubMain GhostDoc Enterprise v2024.1.24160

SubMain GhostDoc Enterprise v2024.1.24160
SubMain GhostDoc Enterprise v2024.1.24160

GhostDoc is a Visual Studio extension for developers who need to Generate XML Comments from source code using customizable templates, maintain clean and up-to-date documentation, produce help documentation in multiple formats, use intelligent source code Spell Checker in Visual Studio, and more.

GhostDoc also helps automating the generation of clean, helpful documentation of your clean code, building it, and packaging it up all without human intervention.

Painless Code Documentation
Auto-generate a starting point for your docs
Visual editing for your help docs
Produce help documentation in multiple formats
Ensure code documentation quality
Maintain clean and up-to-date code documentation

XML Comments are powerful for code documentation. The strict nature of the XML makes it much too easy to break the formatting, and miss the required escaping for symbols.

Have you ever generated help documentation from comments, only to find that the end result is poorly formatted? Text running awkwardly onto separate lines, or garbled text caused by an omitted escape character? It's a frustrating, time-consuming experience to regenerate it until it looks right.

As software developers, we deal with that enough, compiling and running applications only to see that some GUI component is out of whack.

To avoid that frustration, GhostDoc allows you to edit documentation in WYSIWYG fashion, with the changes persisted back to the XML documentation in your code.

Edit inline in the actual help documentation so that you see the end result as you go
Leave the result in your source code files as XML documentation when you're satisfied
Never worry about hand-typing escape sequences or remembering how best to format the method or type summary

Key Features

Automatic XML Comment Generation
Generate smart XML comments for methods and types with a single click.

Visual Comment Editor
Make changes directly in a mock-up of the help file and have those WYSIWYG edits automatically update your XML doc comments.

Easy Code Documentation Maintenance
Ensure the XML comments serving as code documentation don't become obsolete when you make changes to the code.

Customizable XML Comment Templates
Tell GhostDoc exactly how to document your methods and types using templates so that you get your desired outcome instantly.

Documentation in your preferred format
Turn your XML doc comments into CHM, MS Help, or Web-based documentation for your entire solution with a single click.

Custom Help Content
Start with the documentation generated from your code and easily add whatever you want to customize the end product.

Documentation from the Build
Instrument your build to always produce the most up-to-date possible code documentation.

Smart Spell Check
Avoid runtime binding errors and refactoring headaches by having your spelling mistakes in comments, strings, and code highlighted.

Intellisense Control
Define exactly what internal team members and third-party users should see in Intellisense when using your APIs.

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