Download Advanced .NET Web API: Multi-Tenant Applications

Advanced .NET Web API: Multi-Tenant Applications

Advanced .NET Web API: Multi-Tenant Applications
Advanced .NET Web API: Multi-Tenant Applications

.NET 8: Learn about the latest features and enhancements introduced in .NET 8, including primary constructors, language enhancements, and new APIs.

Understand principles and best practices of designing clean architecture solutions, including separation of concerns, dependency inversion, and layering.

Learn how to implement multi-tenancy support using Finbuckle's libraries, enabling them to build applications that serve multiple tenants with isolation of data.

Learn different strategies for managing tenants, including multi-database and shared database approaches
Activate / Deactivate Tenants on Demand: Students will learn how to dynamically activate or deactivate tenants based on demand
Upgrade Subscription of Tenants - Add More Validity Years/Months to each tenant: Students will learn how to implement subscription management for tenants
AspNetIdentity for user management: Students will learn how to integrate and utilize ASPNET Core Identity for managing user authentication, authorization
Jason Web Token (JWT): Students will learn about JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and how to implement secure authentication and authorization mechanisms using JWT.
Permission-based authorization: Learn how to implement fine-grained, permission-based authorization in their applications, controlling access to resources based
Global response wrapper: Learn how to implement a global response wrapper to standardize and customize API responses across their application
CQRS Patterns with MediatR: Students will understand the Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern and learn how to implement it using MediatR
Learn how to perform data validation using Fluent Validation, including validation rules, custom validators, and integration with ASPNET Core
Learn about the primary constructor syntax introduced in C# 9, enabling them to write cleaner and more concise code for initializing object properties.
Learn advanced techniques for customizing and extending Swagger UI to generate comprehensive and user-friendly API documentation for their .NET Core apps
And much more...

Basic .NET Development Knowledge
C# Programming Language
Visual Studio 2022
Visual Studio Code
Microsoft SQL Server

Dive deep into .NET 8 with our advanced online course, focusing on multi-tenancy solutions and cutting-edge techniques. Learn to architect clean and scalable solutions while mastering multi-tenancy support using Finbuckle libraries. Explore subscription management for tenants, ASP.NET Core Identity for user management, and JWT authentication for secure access control.Unlock the power of permission-based authorization and seamlessly implement global response wrappers for standardized API responses. Delve into advanced patterns such as CQRS with MediatR, Pipeline behaviours and leverage FluentValidation for robust data validation. Discover the elegance of C# 9's primary constructor syntax and elevate your API documentation with advanced Swagger UI implementations.Ideal for developers seeking to enhance their ASP.NET Core skills, this course offers practical insights and hands-on experience to excel in building sophisticated, multi-tenant applications.Key Topics Covered:Multi-Tenancy Support with FinbuckleSubscription Management for TenantsASP.NET Core Identity and JWT AuthenticationPermission-Based AuthorizationGlobal Response Wrapper ImplementationCQRS Patterns with MediatRData Validation using FluentValidationPrimary Constructor Syntax in C# 9Advanced Swagger UI ImplementationsAnd much more...Prerequisites: Basic understanding of ASP.NET Core development and C# programming language recommended.Enroll now and unlock the full potential of ASP.NET Core for multi-tenant applications!

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