Download wodCrypt ActiveX Component 2.2.5 + Crack

wodCrypt ActiveX Component 2.2.5

wodCrypt ActiveX Component 2.2.5
wodCrypt ActiveX Component 2.2.5

wodCrypt ActiveX provides your Windows applications unbreakable encryption, digital signatures and message hash/digest calculation functionality. Its ease of use will allow you to use it almost immediately. The provided Blob object makes it suitable for almost any kind of data conversion.

ActiveX for strong encryption, decryption and digital signatures
Supported ciphers AES, DES, 3DES, Blowfish, RSA, DSA...
Uses FIPS 140-2 certified OpenSSL crypto library
Blob objects for easy data handling
Data compression (ZLib/GZip) on the fly
Fast! - optimized for speed
Installation contains x86 and x64 binaries
Samples in VB, VC, ASP, Delphi, C#

General information
wodCrypt is a lightweight component that provides strong encryption for your applications. It provides support for most common crypto algorithms, such as

DES, TripleDES
UNIX crypt command
for symmetric encryption and decryption,
for making and verifying signatures, and
for creating hashes.

Working with Blobs
For performing data manipulation, wodCrypt works with Blobs (Binary Large OBjectS - although they don't have to be Large!). The Blob is our object for reading and writing data - which means you can read and write string variables and bytes arrays. What's more, they can present the information in BASE64 and HEX encoded format if your environment doesn't like to work with binary data. A Blob is, by definition, an abstract object. We have created three variants of it: MemBlob, FileBlob and StreamBlob - you can use whichever of these is more appropriate to your application.

MS Authenticode signatures
wodCrypt can create digital signatures based on Microsoft Authenticode technology. Assuming you have valid code signing certificate, you should just call SignEXE method to have your file digitally signed. No more Internet Explorer warnings will appear after you sign your files.

Optimized code
Besides working in accordance with cryptography standards (i.e. without random padding and internal wrapping), wodCrypt can also work in Optimized mode. In this case it is unlikely that other encryption tools will be able to (directly) access your encrypted data, because wodCrypt will add specific information to it such as the size of the Blob. Optimised mode ensures that after decryption you will get exactly the same plaintext as you had before encryption. When working to standards, wodCrypt has to look after block sizes, key sizes etc.. for each protocol, so any empty spaces need to be filled with zeros. It's not a smart way to protect the data - but it's necessary so that text that has been encrypted by wodCrypt remains accessible to other decryption tools and continues to give the expected results.

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