Download RTMPMiniServer v1.7.5 + Crack

RTMPMiniServer v1.7.5

RTMPMiniServer v1.7.5
RTMPMiniServer v1.7.5

accept RTMP - streams and converts to NDI for usage into production workflow.

vMix, OBS, Wirecast
Many of our customers use software mixers such as vMix / OBS/ Wirecast.
RTMP MiniServer can receive a signal from them, as well as send a signal to them using the NDI protocol.

Your team member can send a signal from stadium to studio using OBS. Inside studio you can accept the signal by RTMP MiniServer and send to vMix for next production steps (add overlays, comments etc).

JVC Pro camcorders
Our clients successfully use RTMPMiniServer to receive RTMP streams from
JVC professional camcorders GY-HM200/250, GY-HM650/660 and other equipped with built-in streaming encoders and RTMP protocol.

Live video from remote locations goes into studio production with the minimum delay which is very important for Remote Production over IP workflow. See special page for JVC

LiveU and Teradek VidiU
Our clients successfully use RTMPMiniServer to receive signals from portable encoders such as LiveU and Teradek VidiU.
The signal goes to the studio production with the least delay.
It's very important for news content.
Chinese encoders such as Kiloview and URay are also supported.

By the way:
Engineers from LiveU mentioned RTMP MiniServer in the whitepaper for LiveU Solo as recommended solution.

DJI Drones
Many DJI drones support RTMP streaming.
This allows you to transfer the signal from the drone via Wifi to RTMP MiniServer.
This capture way is easier to configure and does not require wires or additional capture cards.
This method is especially relevant if you need to capture few drones.

GoPro Hero 7 & 8
GoPro Hero 7 & 8 has the opportunity to stream via RTMP.
This allows you to use it in conjunction with RTMP MiniServer.
In this way the stream from the drone is transmitted to RTMP MiniServer via WiFi.
This allows you to get a picture "on the fly".

use this way for streaming from the helmet of rider.

iPhone & Android apps
Modern smartphones are often used by our customers as additional cameras.
Applications like LarixBroadcaster (iOS / Android) make it easy to stream content to the studio from any locations.

use this method to organize a network of mobile city-reporters

Like most servers, the RTMPMiniServer requires a dedicated IP address.
Usually most studios are equipped with cable Internet and providers can give a dedicated IP without any issues.
The main problem arises, if the studio, especially the mobile one, is connected to the Internet via a 4G / LTE connection. In this case, it is practically impossible to get a dedicated IP.

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