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PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino v2.0.0.0 Business Edition

PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino v2.0.0.0 Business Edition
PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino v2.0.0.0 Business Edition

Programino is an comfortable alternative IDE for Arduino™, Teensy, Espressif ESP and all compatible microcontroller boards. Programino IDE for Arduino™ is made for "Professionals" and "Hobby". The easy-to-use editor, the serial Debugger, the various integrated tools and the HTML5-Editor for microcontroller IoT/Web applications make it easy to program your project idea quickly.

Preferred Coding languages
Preferred language is C, C++, C Header, HTML & HTML 5, jаvascript, CSS, Text-Files.
For all these languages is also syntax highlighting & code autocomplete supported.

Custom Syntax Highlighting
Customize your IDE and share the style with other users. Programino has a import/export function for schemes.
Programino supports dynamic syntax highlighting for user-variables.

Code Autocompletion, Snippets and Hints
This feature makes coding fast and easy.
Dynamic code completion with hints.
Frequently used commands can be accessed via snippets.
General information (hints) about the commands help you for faster programming.

Mouseover tooltips shows you information about commands, functions and defines.

Code Folding
Code folding makes it more manageable.
It is also possible folding individual areas.

Easy Error Tracking
Is an error in the program, Progamino displays an error list.
Double-click on the error and Programino will jump to the error.

Serial Debugger
Absolut easy to use serial Debugger.
Set Breakpoints.
Watch Variables.
Not extra hardware required.

So you can quickly find often used code sections (also between different files).
Bookmarks are saved.

Only for V.I.P
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