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This is C to Pascal Converter version 3.0
This release has completely different user interface.
Uses tabs and can convert up to 16 files at a time.
Embeded syntax highlighter and syntax checker, yes it has built in syntax checker.
This is initial release, not an update, therefore v1.0 and v2.0 are obsolete and the link will download version 3.0 instead.
Happy coding,

C2Pas not tested under Vista (any version)!!! May not run under Vista
C to Pascal Converter v2.0 has lots of new features. I apologise to all those who have waited so long for me to come up with this version. Also to all those who sent me feedback telling me how to improve C to Pascal Converter, Thank you.
For those who wish to be notified of updates of C to Pascal Converter, please send me an email, with subject:"subscribe to C to Pascal Converter". You will be automatically notified.
I have previously been asked to add an option for financial support, it is available in the help file, along with instructions for those who wish to do so.
Al from Australia
Happy coding!!!

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