Download ABBYY OCR SDK API for Windows Build

ABBYY OCR SDK API for Windows Build

ABBYY OCR SDK API for Windows Build
ABBYY OCR SDK API for Windows Build

The software development kit ABBYY FineReader Engine allows software developers to create applications that extract textual information from paper documents, images or displays. This AI-powered OCR SDK provides your application with excellent text recognition, PDF conversion, and data capture functionalities, enabling it to convert scans into searchable PDF, Word or Excel documents, and access data on photos or screenshots.

Highest OCR accuracy
Provide your customers with the outstanding OCR quality available in ABBYY FineReader. Leading providers of ECM systems, document imaging and capture solutions, RPA solutions, as well as scanner and MFP manufacturers trust ABBYY OCR technology.

Increased value
Expand your solutions. ABBYY FineReader Engine enables your software to convert TIFF libraries into PDF, PDF/A, Word or other formats, and accurately extract field values. Develop on Windows, Linux, or Mac and offer your software in the cloud or on VM platforms.

Faster time to market
Outperform your competition and get premium OCR solutions to the market quickly with powerful APIs. Easily integrate world-class OCR features with the help of pre-configured tools, parameters, code samples and other components.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning
AI, ML and other advanced technologies provide outstanding recognition accuracy for multi-language documents and deliver searchable and editable documents that reflect their originals.

Whether you are a software vendor, system integrator or an enterprise company developing your own IT systems, ABBYY OCR SDK will help you create highly accurate text and data processing applications.

Create desktop or server applications for Windows, Linux or Mac and deploy them in the Cloud or on Virtual Machines. The diverse OCR features can add value to applications within many areas, such as DMS, ERP, RPA, insurance, banking, healthcare, legal and machine vision.

Comprehensive set of recognition technologies
The SDK offers award-winning, highly accurate recognition of machine-printed text (OCR) and hand-printed text (ICR) that can be performed as full-page or field-level recognition. In addition, it provides recognition of barcodes (OBR).

Powerful PDF processing tools
The SDK offers document conversion into searchable PDF and PDF/A formats. When importing PDFs, the missing text layer can be injected while PDF properties are preserved. XML data can be extracted from imported PDF/A-3 files as well as inserted when saving to PDF/A-3 formats.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Powerful AI- and ML-based technologies combined with ABBYY’s ADRT and other technologies detect the logical structure of a document and identify its formatting elements, such as table of content, headers, footers, fonts and font styles to precisely re-create the original document.

Multi-core CPUs and parallel processing
When converting many pages such as complete document archives or books, developers can leverage the SDK's flexible and scalable architecture. By using multi-core CPUs and processing images in parallel on multiple threads, the OCR steps can be performed significantly faster.

Support for Cloud and virtual environments
In addition to on-premise deployment, software developers have the option to deploy their applications in virtual environments or host their offerings on Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

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