Download Rons WebLynx Pro 2024.2.14.1610 + Keygen BTCR

Rons WebLynx Pro 2024.2.14.1610 + Keygen BTCR

Rons WebLynx Pro 2024.2.14.1610 + Keygen BTCR
Rons WebLynx Pro 2024.2.14.1610 + Keygen BTCR

Want to store a few bookmarks? Use your browser! Want to take control of your Internet information? Use Rons WebLynx. Ideal for research, marketing, or just organizing a lot of links, Rons WebLynx is a powerful application to manage and view website information. Rons WebLynx is ideal to store all your links efficiently. Just drag and drop your links into the application! Or import links from pretty much anywhere including Outlook, word documents and even entire websites.

The links can be easily viewed thanks to the integrated web browser and the content-only view Panel.

Add notes, tag your links with names and color and rate your favorite bookmarks. Integrated search and filtering capabilities make it a breeze to find your links quickly.

In short, WebLynx is an application that not only stores and organizes links but also allows to make the most of them. A great tool for anyone who uses the Internet!

All this power is presented with a clean and neat interface that is a pleasure to use.

Check Links
Check links automatically or manually to check of links are still active or broken or errored.
Automatically File Links
Sort links into folders, or tag them automatically by configuring filing rules:
Tag Link
Move Link
Delete Link
Tag Links
Tag links with name and color.
Rate Links
Rate the links by highlighting up to 5 stars.
Add Notes
Add comments and Notes to saved links in the Note Side Panel.
Filter any link view using key words, tags or ratings and links state.
Quick Add

Use the Quick Add panel or simply drag and drop one or more links at the same time.

Import from:
The clipboard
Web pages
Browser bookmarks (Firefox, Brave, Google Chrome)
Import complete Websites.
Export in HTML, XML, Linker Exchange or Content formats to File or Clipboard.
Page Icons
Get link icons automatically or manually.
Reading View
View the content of link page without unnecessary clutter.
Browser View
View the website page within WebLynx.

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