Download TSPlus Enterprise Edition v17.10.3.13 + Crack

TSPlus Enterprise Edition v17.10.3.13

TSPlus Enterprise Edition v17.10.3.13
TSPlus Enterprise Edition v17.10.3.13

If you want to secure your offices even more, there are add-ons we can offer.Whatever your needs and budget are, Tsplus Advanced Security can be adapted to answer them, whether you’re a recently sprung company or a long-term universal business. Security Companion Tool is issued in two releases – our Advanced Security Ultimate Protection and Advanced Security . TSplus Protection allied with Security Companion Tool makes for the perfect protection combo. Your distant communications will be effectively safe with this best in show system of a cutting edge protection instrument. five minutes is all it takes to protect your RDS Servers and enjoy our exceptional add-on discounted TSplus pricing offers!

Easy-To-Use & Secure TSplus Mobile Web Edition
TSplus is a simple, affordable and swift choice for anything to do with TSplus Mobile Web Edition. It eliminates the headache of other options like GoGlobal, Citrix Presentation Server, Propalms, 2X or Windows Remote Desktop Services. TSplus Enterprise Edition becomes so very easy with TSplus: simple to deploy, configure, and maintain. Access your Windows applications or Remote Desktop from IE, Safari, Firefox or Chrome nowadays with the presence of swift Internet connection and Cloud computing.

TSplus Enterprise Is A Handy Solutiontsplus printer edition
Your Retail Manager, Accounting, QuickBooks and other programs’ efficiency will become better tenfold when using TSplus technology. TSplus permits access on any kind of Server for 3, 5, 10, 25 or Unlimited users! TSplus is the best answer for published applications, Failover, Load Balancing, Universal Printing and Application Control.

Have A Simple Access With TSplus Printer Edition
The advancement of its brilliant and adaptable solution has furthered TSplus to broaden its breadth of performances to Web Remote access using the most modern HTML5 Technology. Any device chosen by the Remote users is okay to connect to the organization applications anyplace anytime. There is no need for the client to install anything. Maintain your docs through TSplus Enterprise Edition as it is hosted safely in one place with TSplus safe confidential cloud solution.

Effective & Efficient
Countering the increased threat with dynamic practices is what an admin responsible for cybersecurity in an organization has to do.All it takes is a single weak spot, a single worn or antsy worker, to cause the company to be susceptible to attack. Having the same password for multiple aaplications, or leaving hard passkeys on post-it notes means leaving security leads inserted in computers. TSplus license grants dynamic passcodes and multi-step authentication, this add-on tool for access and identity gives you what’s needed to secure your corporate network and your personal data whilst working on TSplus Enterprise Edition or otherwise. Enjoy a world of safe computing with TSplus 2FA. When logging into your work emails or company apps, TSplus Double FA allows you to use your mobile or other enabled accessory to enter your TSplus Printer Edition at your convenience and safely .

TSplus Corporate Edition Service by TSplustsplus enterprise
The best possible substitute for things like Citrix / RDS / TSE. For folks looking for an impressive Remote Access system that’s simple to configure, easy-to-use and affordable, TSplus is the choice of the day. With several years of indisputable track record and thousands of contented clients, TSplus brings TSplus Printer Edition designed to provide secure remote communication from anywhere. Irrelevant of the hardware or the operating system you’re employing, this will be the right solution for TSplus Enterprise needs to all users . TSplus empowers companies to enhance their work through unified app control, improved security, and scaled down IT expenses. TSplus Corporate Edition by TSplus will provide virtual desktops and other apps the employees use, in agreement with the company’s needs, to any kind of device. It invites users to be efficient anyplace by making a Windows desktop experience accessible via the net from Smartphones, workstations, and tablets, unrelated to the Operating System.

Two Factor Verification For Wiser And Safer Work
Trusting merely passwords and usernames to guard your online accounts is no longer considered safe. Your workers are applying TSplus Mobile Web Edition to do their work from home, on their personal devices to share corporate and personal info online, and then engaging the very same gadgets for social media as well as unsecure transmissions and conversations.The essence of the menace is changing as the restrictions and costs for digital intruders have fallen drastically. While everything has advanced and transformed, so did the bugs which were created for wide range assaults; nowadays specific companies and individuals are being put at risk by custom-made.

Serve(r) & Protecttsplus mobile web edition
If your Windows Server is publicly available on the net, then this presents a 100% possibility that brute force robots, network scanners and hackers are trying to guess your Administrator details – actually right now. Testing customary passcode and logins references, they automatically try to enter your computer tens of hundreds of times every minute. Not only this is dangerous for your server’s security, but it might also exhaust masses of its reserves (CPU and bandwidth)! Stop the damaging intrusions today with our Advanced Security brute-force attacks defender. The offending IPs will be instantly blocked from your computer after system’s monitoring had noticed potentially hazardous login attempts. TSplus enterprise allows you to handle it if needed.

v17.10 - 2024/01/09


TSplus Remote Access 17.10 includes all the improvements and fixes released in previous versions
Universal Printer: Universal Printer (novaPDF) replaces both Universal Printer (CustPDF) and Universal Printer (GhostScript)
HTML5: improved actions on mobile browsers
2FA: added setting for verification code message body
Compatibility: TSplus is compatible with Windows 10 1809 and Windows Server 2019 latest updates
(2024/01/18) Universal Printer: adding Printer Manager to apply default print profiles for all users
(2024/01/18) Certificate Manager: new certificate generated now uses the short Let's Encrypt chain of trust
(2024/01/24) Compatibility: TSplus is compatible with Windows 11 22H2, Windows 11 23H2 latest preview updates
(2024/01/31) Client Generator and ConnectionClient (v102): user can define "selectedmonitors" rdp setting
(2024/01/31) Web Server: fixed potential memory leak + prevent overload in edge cases
(2024/02/07) Universal Printer: added required fonts in printed documents by default
(2024/02/13) HTML5: added new settings.bin parameter "sniff_accept_header_for_unknown_files" (default true)
(2024/02/13) HTML5: added new settings.bin parameter "close_client_via_proxy" (default false)
(2024/02/13) HTML5: added new settings.bin parameter "close_http_via_third_proxy" (default false)
(2024/02/13) HTML5: added new settings.bin parameter "close_tcp_different_x_forward_for" (default true)
(2024/02/13) HTML5: added new settings.bin parameter "close_tcp_different_user_agent" (default false)
(2024/02/13) AdminTool > Web > HTTPS: added TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256, TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256, TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256 cyphers
(2024/02/13) Compatibility: TSplus is compatible with Windows 11 21H2 and Windows Server 2022 latest updates
(2024/03/01) Compatibility: TSplus is compatible with Windows 11 22H2 and Windows 11 23H2 latest updates


AdminTool: fixed icon color for Remote Support
HTML5: fixed file transfer custom path was not applied
(2024/01/10) Universal Printer: fixed support of custom setup path or custom user profile path
(2024/01/11) Universal Printer: fixed installation canceled by antivirus false positive detection
(2024/01/11) Universal Printer: fixed installation issue when user profiles are not located on the system drive
(2024/01/11) Virtual Printer: fixed Virtual Printer is not working following update to v17.10
(2024/01/16) Setup: fixed Virtual Printer broken installation
(2024/01/31) Compatibility: fixed issue with multiple versions of Windows 11 22H2 and 23H2
(2024/02/07) Universal Printer: fixed compatibility issues with Virtual Printer
(2024/02/07) Universal Printer: failed to install Universal Printer when applying update
(2024/02/07) Universal Printer: audit shows error when both printers are uninstalled
(2024/02/07) Universal Printer: prevent sharing the printer over the network
(2024/02/07) Universal Printer: prevent standard users from deleting public profiles
(2024/02/07) Universal Printer: fixed failed to print when username contains space
(2024/02/09) Backup/Restore: fixed web credentials being partially saved/restored
(2024/02/09) AdminTool: fixed system audit error message about programs not having the same release date
(2024/02/09) Universal Printer: fixed failed to restart print spooler while installing or uninstalling
(2024/02/13) HTML5: fixed session not logging off properly after web browser tab was closed
(2024/02/13) HTML5: fixed .xlsx and .ppt file download not working
(2024/02/13) Backup/Restore: added cert.jks file
(2024/02/20) HTML5: fixed excessive CPU / RAM consumption
(2024/02/20) HTML5: fixed support for auto-print with Universal Printer (novaPDF)
(2024/02/20) Farm Manager: in "Monitor sessions" view, fixed issue with buttons having no effect, until user selects a server
(2024/02/20) Farm Manager: in "Monitor sessions" view, selected sessions are now persistent when sessions list refreshes
(2024/02/20) Farm Manager: in "Monitor sessions" view, fixed issue when selecting sessions with Shift+Click disabled buttons
(2024/03/01) Application Panel: fixed applications with no icon were not clickable
(2024/03/01) Application/Floating Panel: fixed specific applications not having an icon showing (e.g .rdp/.bat)
(2024/03/01) 2FA: fixed mail configuration failing when using office365 SMTP server
(2024/03/01) Application portal: fixed authentication for password containing a backslash
(2024/03/01) Universal Printer: fixed printing for legacy "System" edition
(2024/03/01) Virtual Printer: fixed Virtual Printer was not installed during first setup
(2024/03/13) Universal Printer: open print jobs in new Web browser tab from HTML5 session
(2024/03/13) Virtual Printer: fixed Virtual Printer installation broken following update
(2024/03/13) Rdp session: fixed session not disconnecting when connecting from WAN using mstsc and having "only LAN" setting enabled
(2024/03/13) AdminTool: fixed restarting Web server fails from Home page
(2024/03/13) Web portal: expired password alert was not shown


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