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Math Resource Studio Professional v7.0.147

Math Resource Studio Professional v7.0.147
Math Resource Studio Professional v7.0.147

Generate individual or class sets of math worksheets, workbooks, or tests quickly and effortlessly. Provide students with the precise skills development and math practice they need as part of a differentiated numeracy program.

Motivate Students
Math Resource Studio is the ideal math worksheet creation tool because it makes it easy for teachers to provide that motivating match between learning activity and learning need.

Target Learning Needs
Math Resource Studio makes it easy to create differentiated math worksheets to target the learning needs of all of your students. Generate worksheets with the exact practice required to advance skills to the next level.

Simple, Powerful, Unique
Producing math practice worksheets with Math Resource Studio is as simple as selecting the types of questions you want, setting a few options, and clicking the generate button to create a completely original math worksheet.

New in version 7
Along with a refreshed user interface, twenty-two new exercise sets have been added to the program for version 7 along with many new options, features, and improvements.

New Exercise Sets
Associative Property
Commutative Property
Distributive Property
Fractions: Multiple Operations
Area Shapes
Missing Operators
Roman Arabic Comparison
Powers of Ten
Basic Addition: Fixed Addend
Basic Multiplication: Fixed Factor
Advanced Division: Selected Divisors
Puzzles: Diamond Math
Puzzles: Magic Stars
Ratio & Percent: Percent Word Problems
Fractions: Fraction Addition Word Problems
Fractions: Fraction Subtraction Word Problems
Fractions: Fraction Multiplication Word Problems
Fractions: Fraction Division Word Problems
Consumer Math: Shopping Problems II
Probability: Probability Spinners
Fractions: Ordering Fractional Values
Algebra: Pre-Algebra Equations with variable on both sides.
New Features
Answer Blocks
Serial Number
Picture Editor: Updated picture editor with full editing including resizing, cropping, rotation, flipping, drawing, text, color adjustments, effects, and more.
Exercise Set Titles
Background Grids
Total Page Tag: New page tag for total pages.
New Options
Fractions Addition: No Renaming.
Fractions Subtraction: No Regrouping with Mixed Numbers.
Fractions Multiplication & Division: Favor Reducible.
Counting Table: Counting Direction.
Fractions Addition: No Renaming of Answers.
Fraction Line: Fraction maximum increased to 16ths.
Ordering Numbers: Horizontal Exercise Orientation.
Fractions Addition & Subtraction: Answer Line Length (Vertical Orientation)
Fractions and Decimals: Round Decimal Answers to 2, 3, 4 places.
Count How Many: Answer Space Style (Line, Box, or Blank).
Ratio Conversions: Added editable table column titles.
Numbering: Exercise Set - No Letter option added to numbering system. None option added to numbering style.
Fractions Multiple Operations: Fraction Sign (Postive, Negative, or Mixed).
Expanded Notation: Added Standard to Expanded Exponential and Expanded Exponential to Standard.
Geometry - Measuring: Added 32nds to fractions.
Perimeter and Area: Selecting None for Fractional Values will always ensure integer values for all sides regardless of polygon type.
Printing: Added Print Current Page to pages selector.
Custom Word Problems: Added additional objects selection. Can now use two random objects in any problem.
Geometry: Added T and L shapes to Area and Perimeter activity.
Numeration: Added option to modify value names to Place Value activity.
Template and pattern collection files can now be assigned to specific exercise sets.
Fresh interface with contemporary icons and colors.
Before, After, Between/Comparing Numbers/Expanded Notation: Increased answer line length and spacing.
Printing: Switches automatically to Print Custom Range when Custom Range Pages are changed.
Number of Exercises: Changed from a maximum of 100 questions per exercise set to maximum of 200.
Title Group: Increased number of fields from 4 to 6.
Multiple Operations - Addition Subtraction: Increased maxiumum number of values from 6 to 10.
Save Document: Application locked while saving in process to prevent loss of data.
Global Font and Color Dialogs with more user-friendly interface and functioning.
Page Navigation: Added keyboard shortcuts.
Update Check: Added frequency options for update check.
Document Tabs: Change order by dragging tabs to new position.
Template and pattern editors now have single click check again function.

Math activities
A total of more than 140 unique math worksheet activities in all. And with the many optional settings for each activity, there are literally hundreds of activity configurations available.

Basic Number Operations
Advanced Number Operations
Number Concepts
Number Lines
Consumer Math
Math Puzzles
Ratio And Percent
Tables And Drills

Advanced Operations
Advanced Addition
Advanced Division
Advanced Division: No Remainders
Advanced Division: Remainders
Advanced Division: Selected Divisors
Advanced Multiplication
Advanced Multiplication: Selected Multipliers
Advanced Subtraction
Mixed Advanced Operations
Multiple Addends
Multiple Operations
Multiple Operations: Missing Operators
Powers Of Ten

Basic Operations
Basic Addition
Basic Addition: Doubles
Basic Addition: Fixed Addend
Basic Addition: Regrouping
Basic Division
Basic Multiplication
Basic Multiplication: Fixed Factor
Basic Subtraction
Basic Subtraction: Regrouping
Fact Families
Input Output
Make Sum
Mixed Basic Operations
Multiple Operations: Addition, Subtraction
Pictorial Addition
Quick Facts
Word Problems: Addition
Word Problems: Division
Word Problems: Multiplication
Word Problems: Subtraction

Comparing Fractions
Division With Whole Numbers
Equivalent Fractions
Fraction Identification: Grids
Fraction Identification: Rectangles
Fractions Addition
Fractions And Decimals
Fractions Division
Fractions Multiplication
Fractions Subtraction
Fractions: Multiple Operations
Mixed Numbers And Improper Fractions
Mixed Operations With Fractions
Multiplication With Whole Numbers
Ordering Fractional Values
Simplifying Fractions
Word Problems: Fractions Addition
Word Problems: Fractions Division
Word Problems: Fractions Multiplication
Word Problems: Fractions Subtraction

Equations: Defined Variable
Equations: Single Variable (One Side)
Number Problems
Pre-Algebra Equations: One Side
Pre-Algebra Equations: Two Sides

Addition Box
Diamond Math
Magic Squares
Magic Stars
Multiplication Box
Number Patterns
Secret Trails

Tables and Drills
Circle Drill Addition
Circle Drill Division
Circle Drill Multiplication
Circle Drill Subtraction
Counting Table
Table Drill Addition
Table Drill Division
Table Drill Multiplication
Table Drill Subtraction

Area Shapes
Measuring Lines
Measuring Rectangles
Perimeter And Area
Pythagorean Theorem
Volume Cubes

Telling Time
Time Conversions
Time Passages

Associative Property
Before After Between
Circle The Numbers
Commutative Property
Comparing Numbers
Count How Many
Count Up And Down
Counting Patterns
Distributive Property
Expanded Notation
Greatest Common Factor
Lowest Common Multiple
Ordering Numbers
Place Value
Prime Numbers
Rounding Numbers

Number Concepts
Mean Median Mode Range
Roman Arabic Comparison
Roman Numerals
Scientific Notation

Metric Conversion
Metric Weights And Measures
Reading Thermometers
Temperature Conversion
US Weights And Measures

Ratio & Percent
Percent And Decimals
Percent Of Numbers: Advanced
Percent Of Numbers: Basic
Ratio Conversions
Word Problems: Percent

Cartesian Coordinates: 4 Quadrants
Cartesian Coordinates: 1 Quadrant
Graph Lines In Slope-Intercept Form
Plot Lines

A basic math worksheet in seconds
It takes just a few clicks of the mouse to create an original math worksheet with basic questions for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Select from over 120 math question generators.
Generate new questions with a single click.
Shuffle questions with just a click.
Add a customizable title group.

Math puzzles
Improve math skills with high-interest math puzzle activities.

Includes magic squares, number patterns, addition boxes, sudokus, and more.
Make the puzzles easier or more difficult using the many design options.

Tables and drills
Provide essential practice for the basic math facts.

Includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and counting.
Makes great timed warm-up activities.
Control the level of difficulty.
Target specific math facts.

Word problems
Easily create word problems for basic number operations. Simply click to add tags for numbers, names, and objects. Tags are then replaced with automatically generated values.

Tags for numbers, names, and objects are replaced with generated values.
Create your own lists of objects and names.
Set the range for the generated numbers.
Includes basic number operations, fractions, consumer math, percent, and more.

Basic number operations
Create worksheets with up to 19 activities for practice in basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Complete control over the range of values used for the generated numbers.
Select vertical or horizontal question layout.
Automatically generate up to 100 questions for each exercise set.
Optionally provide answer banks for self correction.

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