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FolderMill 4.8 (Print Hot Folder)

FolderMill 4.8 (Print Hot Folder)
FolderMill 4.8 (Print Hot Folder)

FolderMill is a server-side application that watches defined hot folders and automatically converts incoming files or prints them on a specified printer. FolderMill provides an easy way to automate routine document processing tasks and establish a document flow in an enterprise environment. An administrator may define folders for monitoring and set actions to perform on incoming files. After this, it will be as simple for employees to print or convert documents as it is to copy files!

Print Documents Automatically
FolderMill automatically prints incoming documents on a defined printer. You can use any printer you want: local, network or even a virtual printer.

Convert Files to PDF, Jpeg or Tiff
FolderMill automatically converts incoming Word documents, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, HTML files, images and other document types to PDF, JPEG or TIFF format.

Quick Start
Install FolderMill on your computer;
Set up a Hot Folder and add Actions;
Click Start;
Drop files into the Incoming folder;
Get converted files in the Output folder or printouts from the printer.
Tip: Share a Hot Folder within the office network and let your colleagues create desktop shortcuts to access them quickly.

Common Features and Advantages
User-friendly interface
User-friendly Interface
The user just needs to drop the incoming file into the hot folder to convert or print it. Basically there is no GUI needed for users to use FolderMill.

Advanced converter
Advanced Document Converter
FolderMill automatically converts incoming documents to PDF or image files like JPEG or TIFF.

Auto print files
Automated Printing System
FolderMill automatically prints incoming files on a specified printer. It’s possible to print the same document on several printers.

Support for different types
Support for Different Document Types
FolderMill supports all popular types of office documents including PDF, Word, Excel, image files, etc.

Extended rules
Extended Processing Rules
Several processing actions for each hot folder are available, e.g., documents can be printed and converted to PDF at the same time!

Reliable tracking
Reliable Documents Tracking
Keep original documents if needed, log the document processing flow and send alert emails if there are any issues with an incoming document.

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