Download 16 Software Breevy v4.01

16 Software Breevy v4.01

16 Software Breevy v4.01
16 Software Breevy v4.01

Breevy is a text expander for Windows that helps you type faster and more accurately by allowing you to abbreviate long words and phrases -- saving you time and money.

Simply define an abbreviation for a longer piece of text, like eml for

Then, in the future, instead of typing that longer piece of text, type the abbreviation you associated with that text in any application, and Breevy will automatically replace it for you, instantly. Think of how much time you'll save!

Is it easy to use?

Yes! All you have to do is:

Think of a word or phrase that you often type or find cumbersome to type or remember -- your address, an e-mail signature, a complex word, etc.

Tell Breevy the abbreviation that you'd rather type in place of that word or phrase -- such as aad or ijt.

Whenever you'd like to type the entire word or phrase, instead type the abbreviation you made for it and Breevy will automatically and instantly replace it for you with its corresponding word, phrase, or boilerplate.

Breevy is extremely fast, easy to use, can replace your typed abbreviations in any application, is unobtrusive, has lots of cool features (including Dropbox sync support), can import and sync with your TextExpander snippets, and will start increasing your productivity within the first five minutes you use it. Try it... we know you'll love it.

Can I use my TextExpander Snippets with Breevy?

Absolutely. Breevy has the ability to import your TextExpander snippets as well as sync with them via Dropbox (both ways), so even if you're away from your Mac and are using Windows -- perhaps you're at work, or you own a Windows PC in addition to a Mac -- you can still use your snippets.

Importing and/or enabling Dropbox sync is easy, and takes just minutes. After that, you can start using your existing TextExpander snippets on Windows with Breevy immediately.

TextExpander is a Mac OS X utility developed by Smile Software.

TextExpander icon

TextExpander from Smile Software

Instant access to your favorite applications and websites.

Breevy can also launch applications, websites, files, and folders for you.

The process is as simple as defining an abbreviation for a word or a phrase. Choose the application, website, file, or folder you'd like to launch, define an abbreviation for it, and then Breevy will launch it for you whenever and wherever you type the abbreviation:

Launch Wordpad by typing wp
Launch Firefox by typing ff
Visit by typing gg
Open the My Documents folder by typing md
Simplify your life -- abbreviate everything.

If you can type it, you can abbreviate it with Breevy... and get it typed in a fraction of the time.

Fill out those pesky, lengthy online forms in seconds:

nnam to Jonathan Smylie
aad to 123 Lawn Street, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Type e-mails faster:

tfye to Thank you for your e-mail regarding...
anyq to If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
No more typos! Breevy comes with over 6500 AutoCorrect entries:

mischeivous to mischievous
definately to definitely
Comes with over 13,500 abbreviations just for medical transcriptionists:

alho to a long history of
accl to acromioclavicular
Abbreviate long or complicated words -- perfect for those suffering from RSI:

cmpl to complicated
sth to shorthand
Quickly give descriptive answers to frequently asked questions:

?saf to To run the program in safe mode, simply...
?bat to To change the batteries in your RC vehicle, first you must...
Use the same abbreviations on all of your computers.

Breevy includes Dropbox sync support, which means if you have more than one computer with Breevy installed, you won't have to worry about manually making sure all of those computers are using the same abbreviations -- Breevy will do that for you automatically.

Breevy 4...
... is faster ...
Dozens of speed improvements have been made, both behind the scenes and within the UI, resulting in 2-3x faster performance in the most common use cases!

... is better looking ...
Listen, we all know Breevy was already quite the looker. But times change. It's not 2009 anymore, and it's time Breevy had a little work done. Nothing major - it's still the same Breevy you've come to know and love over the past 14 years, just with some refreshingly modern tweaks, changes, and visual improvements that we know you'll enjoy and find awesome, without having to learn anything new!

... is Windows 10 & 11 compatible ...
Windows 7 & 8 have always been officially supported. Now Breevy works much better with, and officially supports, Windows 10 & 11 too!

... supports emojis ...
Now you can insert your favorite emojis anywhere, anytime.

... has improved character handling ...
No matter how fancy the characters you want Breevy to type are, Breevy 4 is equipped to handle them.

... supports 2K/4K/5K+ monitors ...
Whereas Breevy 3 looked extremely pixelated and blurry on newer monitors, Breevy 4 uses high DPI fonts resulting in crisp, high-def, and gorgeous text display on old and new monitors and resolutions!

... is more stable ...
Breevy 4 now works more reliably than ever before!

... is more secure ...
Breevy's internal and external libraries have been updated to their latest versions not just for their speed improvements, but also for improved security.

... has improved customer support response times ...
E-mails are now responded to within a maximum of 24 hours, but usually same-day!

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