Download Font Awesome v6.0.0 Alpha 3

Font Awesome v6.0.0 Alpha 3

Font Awesome v6.0.0 Alpha 3
Font Awesome v6.0.0 Alpha 3

The next generation of the web’s favorite icon library + toolkit is coming. Pre-order today to get early access to new icons, technology, and more!

New Icons + Styles!
To better match the needs + look of your projects, Font Awesome 6 has even more consistently designed icons in more styles than ever before.

500+ Fresh and Refreshed Icons
Not only have we added a huge collection of NEW icons, we’ve revamped and given our existing icons some love and attention.

Icons as Light as an fa-feather
Introducing Font Awesome Thin, a brand-new icon style for those of you who like things svelt and modern.

A Sharp Family of All Font Awesome Icons!
We’re adding an entirely new Font Awesome Family. All of our existing icon styles (including the new thin style), rendered in a crisp new look.

More Settings, Services, and Speed!
Font Awesome 6 makes it even easier to use icons where you want to. More plugins and packages to match your stack. Less time wrestling browser rendering.

Add More Awesome Yourself!
Last but certainly not least, personally extend Font Awesome to suit what you need and want.

Upload Your Own Icons!
With Font Awesome 6, you can now upload your own icons to a kit and easily use them right alongside Font Awesome icons!

Easily add your logo or custom icons to Font Awesome.

Bring other sets and even icons you've designed yourself to the party.

Style, size, color, and even power transform your icons just like Font Awesome icons.

A Plan Packed with Instant Awesome!
When you pre-order Version 6 of Font Awesome, you’re also getting a 1 year Pro-level subscription with tons ready to use right away.

All 7,842 Released Icons
Get all of the pro icons + categories we’ve released in Version 5!

4 Icon Styles
Use our solid, regular, light, and duotone styles. And there’s brands too!

Releasing Version 6
We're planning on rolling Version 6's content and features out like an autobot. Some features and content will be part of our official initial release, some will follow after, while others are available to try right now!

What does Version 6 include?
Version 6 is the next major iteration of Font Awesome. It will include everything in the Font Awesome 5 you know and love along with plenty of improvements and new additions. While we'll be releasing content and features over time as we always have, we've got some big things planned for the initial launch and 6's first steps including:

Icon updates, fixes, and additions
A thin style of all existing icons
A sharp family of all existing styles (solid, regular, light, thin, and duotone)
More packages and plugins - Rails + Django + WordPress
CSS Custom Properties in our support styling toolkit
An official Font Awesome Web Component
Upload your own icons into a kit
Desktop Subsetter app for easily bundling just the icons you need on a project

What's New:


Even More New Icons
New commissioned icons
New commissioned brand icons
New round of top icons requests
New fruit and vegetable icons
New brightness, notebook, cart, trash-can, and hand ribbon icons
New beat, fade, flash, and flip CSS animations
Added support for prefers-reduced-motion CSS media feature in CSS animations.


Added additional metadata to improve searching for an icon
Revised icon categories to be more balanced in subject matter and icon counts
Renamed air-freshener icon to spray-can-sparkles
Updated punctuation-based icons
Made stroke-width on solid style icons more consistent across collection
Updated every Version 6 SVG and font file thanks to a fresh import of every Font Awesome icon using new and spiffy tooling. While we've hunted for them ourselves, there may be some unforeseen glitches.


General fixes and improvements to many icons
Reverted layers icon to layer-group
Reverted layers-plus icon to layer-plus
Fixed solid style tugrik-sign icon
Fixed solid style question icon
Removed overprescriptive --fa-color CSS Custom Property and color rule that used it
Added missing --fa-animation-delay CSS Custom Property to .fa-spin and .fa-pulse animations
Added missing .fa-spin-reverse utility to Less source files

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