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Wing IDE Professional is a full-featured Python IDE designed for professional programmers. It includes powerful editor, code intelligence, refactoring, debugging, search, unit testing, project management, and revision control features. The Wing IDE layout is straightforward, with the editor window being its central fixture. Supporting panes, source browser, runtime output and debug panes and so on, are arranged on the periphery.

Advanced Debugger
• Wing can debug all forms of Python code, whether it is launched from the IDE, externally by a web server, or running as a script in an embedded copy of Python. The debugger works with many Python versions and also includes special support for Zope and Plone and can be used with Django, Turbogears, wxPython, and many other libraries.

In addition to basic breakpoint, flow control support, and stack data display, the Wing IDE Professional debugger provides the following power tools to reduce debugging time:

Floating Debug Value Tips: Wing shows the value of variables or expressions under the mouse cursor in the editor or integrated shells.
Exception Detection Wing distinguishes handled and unhandled exceptions at the moment that they occur, allowing inspection of runtime state at the point of failure, not after the fact.
Debug Probe Run interactive Python commands, with auto-completion, in the context of your paused debug process. This tool is unmatched for complex debugging, and a great way to try out code in context while crafting a bug fix.
Conditional Breakpoints Stop only on the cases you're interested in debugging, even in code that is executed thousands of times before your problem case is reached. Ignore-counted breakpoints are also available.
Watch Debug Data and Expressions Track values as your program runs, by object reference, symbolic path, or by symbolic slot within a referenced object. A great way to keep track of values as you move outside of their scope of definition, this tool also allows watching the value of Python expressions as the run state changes.
Module View Browse program data starting at sys.modules, the list of all loaded Python modules.
Change Debug Data Debug data values can be changed from the graphical display and from the Debug Probe, as a way to test out alternative runtime environments while debugging.
Multi-Threaded Debugs multi-threaded Python applications.

Powerful Search Options
Wing provides three different ways to search your source files: Quick search from the toolbar, keyboard driven interactive mini-search, and using one or more instances of the Search Manager. Advanced search capabilities include:
• Multi-file Search Search through all project files or all open files, optionally constrained by file type.
• Disk Search Search all files within a directory, or directory tree, optionally constrained by file type.
• Wildcard Search Use simple wildcards as part of your search string.
• Regular Expression Search Craft complex searches using regular expressions. This can also be used to design and test regular expressions for your program.
• Multi-file Replace Replace search matches across multiple files.

Full-featured Editor
• Wing's editor is more than basic. In addition to the code intelligence features outlined above, it provides:
• Visual Studio, VI/Vim, Emacs, and Brief Emulation Optional key bindings are available to make Wing act like many of the most commonly used editors.
• CVS, Subversion, and Perforce Support Access these popular revision control systems directly from the editor.
• Syntax Highlighting Colorized files are easy on your eyes, for over 50 different programming languages and file types.
• Split Views Divide editors horizontally, vertically, or any combination thereof. Multiple editable views can be opened into the same file.
• Notebook or Menu Selector Select among open files within an editor using notebook tabs or a popup menu for easier navigation of larger file sets.
• Structural Code Folding Hide sections of code by structure, for example fold up everything but top-level classes and their methods as a way to see an overview of the file contents.
• Brace Matching Automatic as you type, or select blocks within braces on command.
• Block Indentation Select and indent, dedent, or indent-to-match whole blocks of code. This speeds refactoring, where code is being moved around.
• Block Commenting Comment out or back in blocks of code with a single key stroke.
• Named Bookmarks Set bookmarks in your code. In Python files, the marks are symbolic and track changes in the file.
• Line and Rectangle Selection Select and operate on ranges of text by character, whole lines, or rectangles.
• Keyboard Macros Record and play back sequences of key strokes and commands. Especially helpful in repetitive reformatting of code.
• Templates/Snippets Define named context-appropriate code snippets that appear in the auto-completer and offer inline argument entry for quick and convenient insertion of commonly used coding constructs.
• Intelligent Rewrapping Rewrap long lines of code, but only within appropriate logical lines as determined by Wing's source analyser.
• Visible White Space Optionally, show spacing and/or line endings as visible characters.
• Unlimited Undo Undo works as far back as necessary to the point where a file was opened.
• Line Numbering Show optional line numbers.
• Evaluate File or Selection Select lines or evaluate a whole file quickly in the integrated Python Shell tool.

Extreme Configurability
• Wing is designed to look and work the way you want it to. You can alter:
• Windowing Mode Change between single window and multi-window modes.
• Display Theme Change the overall look and feel of the user interface on the fly by selecting among 28 themes, including black background, low • contrast, high contrast, and large print options. Or, on Windows, let Wing adapt to your native look and feel. Font, size, and color options can also be altered on the editor and other areas.
• Tool Areas Add or remove splits in the tool areas, add or remove instances of tools such as Stack Data or Search/Replace, or move tools around among areas or out to separate windows.
• Toolbar Change the icon and text size and configuration.
• See screenshots for some configuration examples.

Other Features
• Cross-platform Wing runs in Windows, Linux, and OS X, and can be compiled from sources on some other OSes. See supported platforms for details.
• Project Manager Provides debug and source analysis configuration options and auto-updating project directory display.
• Unit Testing Integrated unit testing tool for running and debugging tests based on the unittest, doctest, and nose unit testing frameworks.
• OS Commands Execute external command lines from within Wing, optionally passing current file name, line number, and other information from the IDE.
• Extension Scripting API Extend Wing by writing scripts in Python.
• Fast File and Symbol Search Open files and find point of definition of source symbols by typing a fragment of their names.
• Integrated Documentation: Quick access to Wing IDE and Python documentation, How-Tos for using Wing with common frameworks, and Tutorial.

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