Download Font Awesome Pro v6.2.0

Font Awesome Pro v6.2.0

Font Awesome Pro v6.2.0
Font Awesome Pro v6.2.0

Get vector icons and social logos on your website with Font Awesome, the web's most popular icon set and toolkit.

Professionally Designed + Pixel-Perfect
Each and every symbol is designed from scratch against guidelines and standards forged from years of experience of illustrating and designing icons. The result is a consistent look and feel that spans thousands of icons across three unique styles.

Near-Infinite Icons
Font Awesome has grown to have over 5,000 icons and continues to add the most popular and needed icons. Stop hunting down missing icons you need, combining from multiple sets, or finding that company's official logo in a dirty corner of the internet.

Play with Our Icons
Our icons are easy to use on the web out of the box. And that box includes support styling to help you size, place, style, and even animate any icon. See what you can do with one line of our easy to remember code.

Font Awesome loves screen readers! With our auto-accessibility feature, it’s super simple to do the right thing for your users.

Font Awesome is fantastic to work with on the desktop, especially with all-new ligatures. Try it in your next design or presentation!

Tried & Tested
We've stress-tested them, so that your icons and styling work and display perfectly in all modern browsers.

Pixel-Perfect Rendering
Our icons are meticulously designed on a grid that helps them render perfectly and makes them legible at any pixel or font-size.

Basic Styling Included
Size your icons in relation to your UI. rotate, align, mirror, pull and stack them with ease too thanks to our bundled styling.

Power Transforms
Go further - Shrink, grow, and rotate your icons on a granular scale. Layer or mask multiple icons together with pinpoint accuracy. Or make quick work of counters and badges.

Manage & Use Your Way
Use Font Awesome how you want: via our CDN, Download Font Awesome to host yourself, or install the latest via npm. We've got component packages and CSS-processors too.

With Way More on the Way!
We're not done yet. Native app support, more category packs, desktop subsetter, duotone icons, and more are in the hopper.

Font Awesome Pro v6.2.0

Introducing the Font Awesome Sharp family!

3,000+ icons in a new, modern style: Sharp Solid
Sharp Regular, Light, Thin, and Duotone are in the works!
Icons are all built on the same 16px grid as existing Font Awesome Classic icons.

Every Classic Solid icon has been reviewed and redrawn where necessary to better compliment the new Sharp Solid style.
Behind the scenes, we built new reusable modifier components for our icons, to ensure consistency between elements.
Two new files are now available from the metadata directory: icon-families.json and icon-families.yml which are restructured to support Font Awesome Families.
Using Pseudo Elements with Web Fonts now include CSS Custom Properties for setting font-family

EcmaScript modules (ESM) have been renamed from .es.js to .mjs Font-Awesome#19041

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