Download Wappler Pro 5.0.0 Beta 1 Cracked

Wappler Pro 5.0.0 Beta 1 - The Visual Web App Creator

Wappler Pro 5.0.0 Beta 1 - The Visual Web App Creator
Wappler Pro 5.0.0 Beta 1 - The Visual Web App Creator

Wappler offers a quick, easy and efficient way of designing and building websites and mobile apps. Add new elements exactly where you need them! The elements’ insertion is context-sensitive and that allows you to automatically focus your attention on suitable suggested components based on the current selection.

An awesome collection of responsive blocks to perfectly build responsive Bootstrap 4 websites is available for you! More than 170 blocks in different categories.

Add and customize Bootstrap 4 components on your page. Easily change their dedicated properties, such as colors, sizes, spacing and responsive options - visually in the App Structure panel.

Design your amazing Mobile Apps in Wappler - with native iOS and Android look and feel. Use the ready to go mobile UI Components and adjust their look and feel in the App Structure panel.

The Design View allows you to easily resize and reorder your Bootstrap 4 Columns using the size and offset handles.

Define your own classes with styles and reuse them. The Design Panel offers you a variety of easy to use options to style your content - text, color, borders, background, spacing and more.

Visually create linear or radial gradients, both with multiple color stops! The generated CSS gradient code is cross browser compatible.

Manage and preview all of your project images using the Assets Manager panel. Pick your media easily, directly in Design View using the Assets Picker dialog.

Apply different animations to any element on your page. Add onscroll animations and select the animation type, duration and delay.

App Connect is a high performance front-end framework powerful just as React, Angular and VueJS but much easier to use thanks to its custom component structure and visual integration – so no coding is required!

Add any data directly in your content, populate mighty fast repeat regions, dynamic CSS styling, generate content or toggle areas fully dynamic and data dependent.

App Connect includes a huge library of component and services available to power every aspect of your dynamic web site or responsive web application. Data Formatting, Session and Cookie Management, Form Validation, Repeat Regions are just a few of the available options.

Thanks to Wappler's routing component you can improve the usability and SEO of your site with cleaner, easier to remember and SEO friendly URLs

Server Connect offers full visual programming without any coding. It includes many server-side workflow components. Connect to your databases, create advanced database queries, send emails, manage files and folders, process images or create login systems fully visual!

Server Connect components support PHP, ASP.NET and Classic ASP so you just connect your hosting and you are ready to work.

Connect to any major database like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL with just a couple of clicks.

The included visual query designer allows you to design your queries and generate SQL queries fully visual. Just select the table, add columns, adjust filtering and sorting options and you are done!

Connect securely to any API Data Source, define API schema visually and use it on your pages. Also you can connect to any OAuth2 compatible service. OAuth2 Connector is available in Server Connect and it includes 18 predefined services.

Cordova Builder allows you to define, generate and build mobile applications. With this awesome tool it’s possible to deploy your app build in regular HTML5 and CSS as a mobile app to all of the major mobile platforms.

Manage your projects with ease, using Wappler's project management tools. Open and edit existing projects or create new ones, using the included starter templates - it is up to you.

Wappler gives you complete freedom of publishing. You can publish your work to any hosting with the built-in FTP, SFTP, FTPS tools. Just enter the host, port, username and password and hit the publish button.

Wappler allows you to publish your amazing mobile apps directly to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store with a single click. So simple and yet, so powerful!

Wappler 4.0.0 Beta 11 Released

What's New
Welcome to the future - enjoy full theming of the Wappler UI.

Choose your favorite theme from the 19 available gorgeous themes.
You no longer have to wait for MacOS Monterey or Windows 11 - the future is here!

All Wappler elements are styled automatically according the selected theme. Even the code editor, if you choose to, and the terminal are themed.

We have also implemented a nice theme selector dropdown in the right upper corner so you can easily switch themes.

Also an amazing modern glass look is available for all menus and and modal dialogs! So your Wappler really comes to live!

Check the overview of all Wappler Themes 59

So checkout the Wappler Theming and and let us know what you think!

Furthermore the Project Manager and chooser is now moved to the title bar as much more logical place, so you can call it from there.
Also the title bar reflects now the currently selected project. Also the UI is greatly improved.

Next to all the amazing theming we have also finalized the Server Connect and App Flows Editor in tabs.

Added themes picker menu on top right of the title bar
Enable spacial navigation for better keyboard navigation with arrows
Enable smooth scrolling
Project Manager
Added project name, chooser and creation to the Wappler title bar
Redesigned Project Manager. Comply to the new styling, hide project folders per default. Add toolbar button for creating new projects
Git Manager
Added options to set name/email for git
Database Manager
Allow to delete Server connect database connection from within the Database Manager
Made Database Manager colors more theme consistent
Fixed issues
Wappler graphic interface light mode 1
Using Data Picker to select data from within a repeat - now showing as 'repeatname[0].value' instead of just 'value'
Data Transformation (Join) returning empty objects
Google font missing
Incorrect Binding in Action Picker for Select Options
Newer Google Fonts not Available in Theme Manager
Beta 10: Tab does not rename on creating new action 2
Wappler 4 beta: error loading custom extensions
Beta 10: Edited Icon doesn't show when removing a step
Mobile web browser forcing users to login too often
Server Connect Preview Position
Wappler UI customization 2
Light theme for builder 1

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