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DBConvert for Access and PostgreSQL v4.3.2

DBConvert for Access and PostgreSQL v4.3.2
DBConvert for Access and PostgreSQL v4.3.2 | 37 Mb

DBConvert for Access and PostgreSQL conversion and synchronization software is a quick and easy way to migrate and sync data between Microsoft Access and PostgreSQL / Heroku Postgres/ Amazon RDS PostgreSQL in any combinations.

MS Access queries can be migrated to PostgreSQL views automatically with no knowledge of the differences between SQL dialects.

In order to overcome restrictions if you have no direct access to PostgreSQL Server DBConvert software is able to save resulted data as PostgreSQL dump file or PHP Script.

DBSync for MS Access and PostgreSQL is a dependable two-way database synchronization software to sync your data between Access and PostgreSQL databases including the ones located on Heroku Postgres/ Amazon RDS PostgreSQL.

Top 6 Reasons to Migrate from Microsoft Access to PostgreSQL
Management of large volume of data.
Multiple-user database access.
Deployment of information.
Hardware / Platform choices.
PostgreSQL is completely free.
Integrity and Backup management.

Product Highlights

Amazon RDS PostgreSQL DB Instance support
Linked tables support
Speed conversion with Bulk and Quantization features
PostgreSQL schemes support
MS Access Work Groups support
Heroku Postgres as a source or target database.
Access queries to MS SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL views conversion support
Direct connection to PostgreSQL server
Saving data into a PostgreSQL Dump and PHP script for export to PostgreSQL database
Ability to connect to PostgreSQL 9.x/7.4 located on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Window machines

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