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ApexSQL Universal 2018.01.0193 Professional

ApexSQL Universal 2018.01.0193 Professional
ApexSQL Universal 2018.01.0193 Professional

85 meaningful predefined data generators. Meaningful distribution across columns by default. Generate data in one column based on the data in another. Inter-column dependency support. Choose the file containing the value list. Set the percentage of each value being used in result. Create, save and use custom user-defined generators. Share user defined generators by setting the share folder. Populate rows based on percentage of other table's row count. Populate rows by setting the execution time. Disabling DELETE triggers. View the action plan before starting generation. GUI warnings. Command Line Interface full support. Choose additional script to be executed before generation. Choose additional script to be executed after generation. View the database table creation script. Sentence generator. Text shuffler. Lorem ipsum generator. Import values from SQL view. Include dependent database objects. Post-generation summary. SQL Server 2016 CTP2 support. SQL Server Management Studio integration. Usability improvements. Improved quality.

Working folder as a repository for both database development models. Check in/Commit individual object changes through Object Explorer. Exclude/Include single object from/to source control through Object Explorer. Ability to filter objects that are only on source control repository. Improved usability when working with static data. Possibility to add directory to repository root for Git and Mercurial source control systems. Usability improvements. Improved quality.

The built-in Query execution plan viewer. Reporting. Ability to define users and their privileges. AlwaysOn Availability Groups performance metrics and the dashboard. Improved performance. Usability improvements. Improved quality.

Parenthesis placement option for Arithmetic operation, Comparison operation, Logical operation, and Column list. Data types alignment option. CamelCase capitalization option. BEGIN and END blocks indent options. Place JOIN keyword in new line option. Insert empty line before each statement option. Align SELECT with INSERT option. New formatting profiles: Compact, Extended, MSDN SQL BOL. Usability improvements. Improved quality.

Comparison options: Ignore computed column, Treat empty strings as null, Ignore underscores in names, Round floating types. Synchronization option: Drop unique indexes. Re-enable constraints with CHECK synchronization option. Find feature for the Data difference pane. Data comparison results included in HTML reports. Microsoft Office Excel XML export format. Improved help output for the CLI. Integration with ApexSQL Diff. Usability improvements. Improved quality.

Support for Azure SQL database V12. Unlimited data generation. It has the ability to instantly populate an entire database at once, or to fill each column separately with the use of its built-in generators. Live preview of generated data. Exporting to SQL, CSV, and XML files. Customizable filtering options. Top-down level settings for database, tables, and columns.

Support for Mercurial source control system. Support for Azure SQL Database V12. Comparison options: Ignore change tracking, Ignore database properties, Ignore authorization, Ignore database and server name in synonyms, Ignore WITH NOCHECK, and Ignore next filegroups in SQL partition scheme. Ability to compare database properties (extended properties, etc.). Synchronization option: Use DROP/CREATE instead of ALTER for tables. Improved help output for the CLI. Integration with ApexSQL Data Diff.

Support for Perforce. Support for Git and Mercurial source control systems, communication with source control repository using the Action center tab, edit objects from SQL Server Management Studio, "Work offline" feature (Shared development database model). The "Multiselect" feature is added in the Action center tab. Prevent objects from being edited if locked\checked out. View detailed history of the source control project including commit information, changeset and individual object differences. Development policies. Exclude objects from monitoring by type, schema and name. Logging of changes made to the database schema. Improved quality.

Set of SQL tools including

DBA tools

ApexSQL Audit
ApexSQL Backup
ApexSQL Defrag
ApexSQL Log
ApexSQL Monitor
ApexSQL Plan
ApexSQL Propagate
ApexSQL Recover

Developer tools

ApexSQL Build
ApexSQL Clean
ApexSQL Compare
ApexSQL Complete
ApexSQL Data Diff
ApexSQL Decrypt
ApexSQL Diff
ApexSQL Doc
ApexSQL Enforce
ApexSQL Generate
ApexSQL Refactor
ApexSQL Script
ApexSQL Search
ApexSQL Source Control
ApexSQL Trigger
ApexSQL Unit Test


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