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Spectral Core Full Convert Enterprise 18.1.1396

Spectral Core Full Convert Enterprise 18.1.1396
Spectral Core Full Convert Enterprise 18.1.1396

Migrate your database effortlesly. Copy all your table data, indexes, foreign keys - and more.

When you need the power:
migration of huge tables (> 500 GB)
unmatched customization features
scheduler for recurring migrations
target database explorer
powerful command-line interface
custom datatype mapping
custom default values mapping
on-the-fly data transformation
...and much much more.

Supported natively (by name)
SQL Server CE
SQL Server
SQL Server Express
SQL Azure

Supported natively (by file extension)
mdb - Access
accdb - Access
csv - CSV
tsv - CSV
txt - CSV
dbf - dBase, FoxPro
ndx - dBase
mdx - dBase
xls - Excel
xlsx - Excel
fdb - Firebird
ib - Firebird, Interbase
gdb - Firebird, Interbase
idx - FoxPro
cdx - FoxPro
dbc - FoxPro
frm - MySQL
myd - MySQL
myi - MySQL
db - Paradox, Oracle
mb - Paradox
sdf - SQL Server CE
mdf - SQL Server Express, SQL Server
ldf - SQL Server Express, SQL Server
bak - SQL Server Express, SQL Server
xml - XML

Supported via ODBC

To use these databases, you need to have their ODBC driver installed on the computer where Full Convert is installed.

Absolute Adabas ANTs Server Approach AS/400 (IBM iSeries) Birdstep RDM Server Btrieve C-ISAM CA-Datacom/DB CA-IDMS Cincom SUPRA Server Clarion Clipper CorVision DISAM Daffodil DB DBMaker DEC Rdb Derby EDA/SQL EffiProz Empress FileMaker Pro FirstSQL Flat files Frontbase GeneroDB Greenplum H2 HanDBase HP Allbase/SQL HSQLDB IBM DB2 IBM IMS IBM Lotus Domino IBM Lotus Notes IBM SQL/DS IBM UniData IBM UniVerse Informix Ingres Integra-SQL InterSystems Cache JavaDB MDBS IV Mimer SQL Netezza NetWare SQL NexusDB One$DB OpenEdge RDBMS OpenIngres OpenInsight OpenLink Virtuoso Pervasive PSQL Progress QuickBooks Raima RBASE Rocket U2 SESAM/SQL Sharebase SimpleDB SolidDB SQLBase Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Sybase Advantage Server Sybase ASA Sybase IQ Tandem NonStop SQL Teradata ThinkSQL TimesTen Server Valentina Virtuoso Universal Server VistaDB WATCOM SQL XBase XDB

Feature list

While this is not a complete feature list, it will certainly give you a look into the quality and robustness of Full Convert. It auto-adapts to your data and database engines used and selects the best possible data transfer algorithm for your conversion scenario. You have full control over the database migration and can override most of the things you can think of.

Supports 17 database engines for conversion source
Supports 14 database engines for conversion target
Supports databases and individual tables of unlimited size
Auto-adapts to user configuration for maximum speed
Auto-adapts to target database rules when naming objects
Uses bulk insert modes of target databases wherever possible
Built-in Scheduler for recurring conversions
Easy to use modern interface
Database explorer
Table data viewer and editor
Command-line support with rich project override switches
Automatic character set translation
Full Unicode support for international character data
Incredible conversion speed
Only dedicated native database components used for maximum speed, control, and reliability
Auto-select of optimal algorithm to transfer data reliably based on table structure, database engine and database version
Speeds of over 30 thousand records per second reached in favorable configurations
Speeds of 5 to 15 thousand records per second are common when databases and Full Convert are on the same machine
Data Viewing and Editing
In-place editing
Editing can be enabled and disabled to avoid accidental modification
Full Unicode support for international character data
Easy export to Microsoft Excel
Load and Save cell value
Best fit columns and Auto-height rows
In-place image and BLOB viewing
Selected rows deletion
Jump to specific record
Built-in table Print Preview and Print
Table Customization
Table customization available for each table separately
Renaming of both table and each column
Skipping of certain columns in conversion
Creation of new columns with specification of SQL data expressions
Free-style data type and default value modification per column
Source table filtering (SQL where condition specification)
Project Customization
Conversion step modification (create table, indexes, constraints)
Data creation override (copy data, append, no data)
Auto-rename objects (table name prefix, table and column casing)
Run SQL scripts before and after conversion, on both source and target database
SQL scripts can be written in Full Convert editor, or dynamically loaded from external file, even if it is compressed - and file type mask can be specified to ignore certain files
Global Options
SQL logging and conversion error logging
Specification of source and target table chunk size read into RAM
Automatic character-set translation. Manual override available.
Global object renaming rules (prefix, casing)
Global user mappings for all data types and all target databases. Specific type lengths rules supported.
Global defaults mapping for all target databases
Specific options for each database engine
Runs great on all Windows versions, including Windows 8.1 and Windows Server
Runs on both 32- and 64-bit Windows (x86 and x64)
Can be installed on Linux and Mac under virtualization software
Easily connects to databases running on Unix/Linux/Mac

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