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ApexSQL Recovery 2016
ApexSQL Recover 2016

It is not that uncommon to find yourself in a situation when some inadvertent delete operations have deleted important data from a SQL Server database. The highest priority in these situations is to discover what exactly was deleted and how to get the deleted data back as quickly as possible. In this article, we are going to show you how to quickly recover data lost due to inadvertent delete operation using ApexSQL Log and ApexSQL Recover tools. Even though both tools generate the same output, a recovery script which rollbacks unintended deletes, the mechanisms used by them to acquire recovery information and create rollback script are quite different, so if the recovery with one tool doesn’t help, the other tool may.

In order to start the recovery process, let’s assume that our database has already been affected by some inadvertent delete operations. Also, the database is in the full recovery model which ensures that the transaction log information contains full information on transactions that have occurred on the database which is used as a source for the recovery.

Recover deleted, dropped and truncated dataReverse inadvertent or malicious database changesRollback or replay any DDL or DML changeRecover deleted data and files from SharePointExtract data directly from backup filesExtract BLOBs stored as filesRecover deleted BLOBsIsolate specific SQL Server operations

Recovery with ApexSQL Log
ApexSQL Log is a Microsoft SQL Server database transaction log reader which allows users to view the data contained within the transaction log files and to roll-back any changes found in the transaction log files.

To get the process going, start ApexSQL Log and then provide the database connection details:

Select the SQL Server instance
Choose the authentication method and provide valid credentials
Choose a database on which the recovery will be performed

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