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Dbbest Database Compare Suite v4.12.6626

Dbbest Database Compare Suite v4.12.6626
Dbbest Database Compare Suite v4.12.6626

Database Compare Suite is a comprehensive solution, which helps you to automate schema and data manipulations in homogeneous or heterogeneous distributed database systems. Database Compare Suite allows you to compare and synchronize chosen database objects, including schema, data and server settings (available only for Microsoft SQL Server). Also, you can compare, synchronize and migrate data.

Database Compare Suite provides flexible adjustment of operation settings, so you can easily achieve the desired result.

The unique feature of Database Compare Suite is the command line part of the application, which allows to manage complex maintenance scenarios and can be simply integrated into an existing environment.

Database Compare Suite is a complex solution to simplify schema and data manipulation tasks in both homogeneous and heterogeneous database environments. This simple but very effective tool can help you perform even the most challenging operations, such as:

Schema Comparison and Schema Synchronization
Data Comparison, Data Migration, and Data Synchronization
To work with this tool, you don’t have to be an expert or possess any deep knowledge in database development.
This tool is very user-friendly and can be helpful for Testers, DBDs, and DBAs.

Schema comparison
The application allows you to compare database schemas and identify differences in multiple schema objects such as: Tables, Views, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, Synonyms, Rules, etc. The schema comparison operation can be performed on any pair of objects or categories. While performing comparisons, the application takes into account specifics of all supported dialects.

Data Migration and Synchronization
This feature can be used for data manipulations. Each of these operations doesn’t depend on a dialect and can be performed on any pair of databases. Using the Data Migration operation, you can simply copy all data from one database to another. To perform this operation, the application uses the Bulk Copy function, which requires additional software specified in the System Requirements section. Using the Data Synchronization operation, you can synchronize data in the target database with data in the source database. This operation does not require any additional software.

Schema Synchronization
The application helps you synchronize database schemas when you have two different versions of databases. It can be useful in database migration from one dialect to another. The application generates a synchronization script based on Schema Comparison results. You can then use the generated script based on your needs: either execute it while using the application or use only part of it to perform some other operation.

Command line and GUI-based version
This feature enables users to easily integrate Data Compare Suite into development and test environments and use it on a regular basis in unit, integration, and functional testing or for cross-platform database development.

Data Comparison
This feature allows comparing data in databases with equal or close-to-equal database schemas. The operation can be performed on any pair of databases and does not depend on a dialect. Only two objects take part in this operation: Views and Tables. If one of the compared databases doesn't have such objects, the operation will be aborted.

Settings Comparison
This feature allows comparing server or database settings of two Microsoft SQL Server instances. Currently settings comparison allows the two instances to be hosted on different versions of SQL Server. Depending on the server version, users get different settings collections.

Fast Data Comparison
This feature allows comparing data in databases using fast checksum/hash function. The operation can be performed on a pair of compatible database dialects. In the result the Fast Data Comparison only shows that data objects are equal or not.

Added a SQL code tab in the ‘Schema comparison’ operation window.
Allows the display of SQL code for source and target objects to simplify line-by-line comparison. This tab provides the ability to display both system characters and exclude multiple spaces or empty lines in converted code and in source code. Also, this tab allows for comparing objects with case sensitivity.
Improved Fast Data Comparison operation.
Added a new option in the Fast Data Comparison operation settings allowing for comparing the row count in the source and target tables. Makes sense for large data sets to check whether all data rows have migrated or not.
Added column and parameter mappings.
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