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Kellerman Search SQL Server Database 1.12

Kellerman Search SQL Server Database 1.12
Kellerman Search SQL Server Database 1.12

Database Searcher is like Google for your SQL Server database. It will search all columns for all tables over multiple databases. It will return a summary of matches, the generated SQL and the detailed matches per table. It will also search the schema by the table names or column names. Knowledge of SQL queries is not required.

Use Cases
How many orders were created or modified in the last hour? Enter the From Date and Time and the To Date and Time and specify %order% for the table name.
The business needs to change from 5 digit zip code to zip+4. How many postal code columns in the database are only 5 digits long? Check schema search and then enter %postal%. Do a second search of %zip%
You need to find all related information for CustomerID 12345. Enter 12345 for the search term and the Match Column Names of CustomerID.
Customers reported problems during the Black Friday sale at 6am on the website. You want to search all logs for errors between 6am and 7am. Enter error for the search term, a from date of 11/25/2016 6:00 AM, a to date of 11/25/2016 7:00 AM. For the Match Table Names enter %log%
As a developer you need to find a drop down value somewhere in the database for the word Fedex. You know there are less than 10 possible values in the drop down. Enter Fedex for the search term and specify 10 for the Max Table Rows and it will do an exact match on all string columns in the database that have 10 or less rows in the table.

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