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My Visual Database 5.1

My Visual Database 5.1
My Visual Database 5.1

A simple development environment databases, without the help of specialists and programming skills, you will create a Windows application databases. It can be as simple telephone directory and accounting system in your business. The result of your work will be a Windows application that does not require installation and third-party components and the ability to work directly from USB Flash drive.

What's new?
- quick search for functions and classes
- added support TIFF format for DBImage
- added functions: GetIPAddress, GetCursorPos, KillTask, PostMessage
- other minor changes
- fixed some errors

What's new?
- New Limit property for the TableGrid component, allows you to set the maximum number of records that will be loaded from the database
- New properties for the component DBImage: ShowButtonOpen, ShowButtonSave, ShowButtonDelete
- Improved the action "Open in Excel", the data of the currency type is exported with the format
- Fixed loss of project forms (corrupted forms.xml file)
- Created examples for creating planners
- Multiple language support added for RichEdit component, interface language changes automatically, depending on Windows regional settings
- Added ability to load html file for the RichEdit component. Example: Form1.RichEdit1.LoadHTML ('d: \ file.html');
- Added SendMessage function
- Fixed several bugs

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