Toad for SQL Server v7.0.4.45 Xpert Edition - transaction, transactions, scripts, script, including, files, against, servers, differences

Toad for SQL Server v7.0.4.45 Xpert Edition

Toad for SQL Server v7.0.4.45 Xpert Edition
Toad for SQL Server v7.0.4.45 Xpert Edition

Automate and schedule routine and repetitive processes, including data and schema comparisons to save time. Undo or redo transactions stored in log files by reading online transaction logs, detached transaction log files, or log file backups for reconstructing transactions. Compare data between two databases, identify differences, and run or generate a script to synchronize.

Development Productivity
Work more efficiently with advanced code completion, SQL formatting, and Script Map structured presentation of SQL scripts. Execute scripts against multiple servers and instances. Perform advanced SQL and T-SQL script debugging.

Key Features
Database Objects
Browse, navigate, and manage database-specific objects like tables, views and roles.
Compare and synchronize
Easily identify differences by comparing and syncing servers, schemas and data. View comparison results and generate the change scripts needed to update the target environment.
Transaction log reader
Roll back transactions in the transaction log without restoring from a backup.
SQL Optimizer
Conduct application performance tuning with automated query rewrites and optimization.
SQL script recall
Eliminate the need to retype commonly used SQL and T-SQL statements. Reference all statements executed against the database environment, as they are all saved automatically.
Group execute
Process scripts and code snippets against multiple servers and instances.
Export to your favorite tools. Access key data quickly, including built-in report and pivot functionality, for in-place analysis and single-click export to an Excel instance.
Security management
Create, manage and replicate security for all users by building and executing security-related scripts against multiple servers.
Report generation and documentation
Develop customized reports for administration and development. Export those reports in flexible formats, including Microsoft Excel, XML, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Acrobat.
Object search
Rapidly locate code to assess the impact of renaming or code changes by searching for text in database objects, such as column names and SQL code.
T-SQL editing
Reduce the T-SQL learning curve, introduce consistency and help deliver high-quality code. Simplify SQL coding with advanced code complete, code snippets and SQL recall.

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