My Visual Database 5.6 including Patch

My Visual Database 5.6

My Visual Database 5.6
My Visual Database 5.6

A simple development environment databases, without the help of specialists and programming skills, you will create a Windows application databases. It can be as simple telephone directory and accounting system in your business. The result of your work will be a Windows application that does not require installation and third-party components and the ability to work directly from USB Flash drive.

What's new?
- Added ability to add checkbox to TableGrid

- For the components added an event ondropFiles (drag and drop files)
procedure Form1_Memo1_ondropFiles (Sender: TObject; ArrayOfFiles: array of string; X, Y: Integer);
i, c: integer;
c := Length(ArrayOfFiles)-1;
for i := 0 to c do

- Other minor improvements
- Several bugs fixed

Only for V.I.P
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