Devart dbForge Developer Bundle for SQL Server v5.7.11.0 + Crack

Devart dbForge Developer Bundle for SQL Server v5.7.11.0

Devart dbForge Developer Bundle for SQL Server v5.7.11.0
Devart dbForge Developer Bundle for SQL Server v5.7.11.0

SQL Tools is a tool pack that provides many essential features for any Microsoft SQL Server developer and is designed not only to boost productivity but also to reduce expenses while performing routine tasks, and automate database development and deployment with dbForge DevOps Automation.

Put accurate and concise scripts of database changes into version control
Get a full record of database changes and find out who commited them
Generate lifelike meaningful test data for load testing and integration
Run T-SQL unit tests as a part of continuous integration with DevOps
Cut the time spent on manual development and deployment tasks
Increase SQL coding productivity and efficiency up to two times
Speed up database development with continuous integration

SQL autocompletion, code formatting, refactoring
Easily write, beautify, and refactor your code and dramatically boost your productivity with the help of smart IntelliSense-style SQL code completion, great collection of code snippets, SSMS tab coloring & document sessions, intelligent renaming of aliases and variables, advanced customizable code formatting profiles, fatal execution warning reminder, result grid aggregates and data visualizer, and many other powerful features.

Why choose SQL Tools for SQL Server

Increase developer's productivity
SQL Tools provides robust functionality that will help increase your coding speed and consistency, automate many database-related processes, and generally facilitate a steady and productive workflow.

Enjoy favorable pricing
Save costs with SQL Tools as it provides a significant discount on all solutions it contains and start improving your database development and maintenance processes with more bang for your buck!

Apply database DevOps approach
With SQL Tools, you can easily add any database to your CI/CD pipeline which helps to manage the database lifecycle, minimize deployment risks, and keep the workflow safe and streamlined.

Extend development possibilities
The SQL Tools bundle provides a wide array of solutions for SQL database development and management that significantly increase the range of tasks and challenges you can tackle quickly and effectively.

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