Download Studio 3T 2020.10.1 for MongoDB

Studio 3T 2020.10.1 for MongoDB

Studio 3T 2020.10.1 for MongoDB
Studio 3T 2020.10.1 for MongoDB

Run, automate, and schedule your import/export tasks with Studio 3T's convenient wizard. SQL, JSON, CSV and BSON/mongodump formats are supported, and you can always export entire collection(s) or view(s), current queries, current query results, and specific documents.

MongoDB query building doesn’t get any simpler than this. Our clever drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to construct and run MongoDB queries. Just click on the Query Builder button on the right of the window to enable, drag a document into the field, and change the operators for the perfect result. Experience the simplest way of building a MongoDB query - only on our MongoDB client.

Need to make a quick change to a document? Double-click on the value and overwrite it. It’s as simple as this, taking only a few seconds.

You get three ways to view your MongoDB data in Studio 3T. If you're into visualizing hierarchies, there's Tree View. If you prefer to view documents the old school way, there's JSON View with a built-in editor for real-time, lossless editing. Then there's Table View - the most powerful of all - which can handle any document size and lets you hide columns and step into cells and columns, even array-valued ones.

Enable compliance and bolster security with powerful field-level data obfuscation. Apply the right data masking technique depending on the field type and choose whether to overwrite the source collection or export the masked documents to a new target collection.

Move an existing collection or view to a new schema in just a few clicks. Whether it's to clean up, improve performance, or test incremental changes, Reschema provides an easy way to merge data from multiple sources and transform a collection's schema, field by field.

Forget the MongoDB shell as you know it - Studio 3T has IntelliShell, the richest editing experience of any MongoDB GUI. Save time and let it autocomplete jаvascript standard library functions, shell-specific types and methods, operators, collection names, field names, shell helper commands, further completions on return values, and more. It’s an essential part of using MongoDB.

Write complex aggregate queries with greater confidence and accuracy: With Studio 3T’s Aggregation Editor, you can break down your queries into stages, allowing you to apply various pipeline operators and check your results at every step.

Generate driver code from your MongoDB and SQL queries with Query Code, Studio 3T’s code generation feature. Convert your queries to one of five target languages - jаvascript (Node.js), Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, and the mongo shell language - for an easy copy + paste job from Studio 3T and into your application.

View query plans and execution statistics stage by stage, and gather helpful information like execution times, stage outputs, and amount of data processed at a glance.

Configure and save frequently-run jobs like imports, exports, migrations, and data comparisons, so you can later execute them on demand.

Import entire SQL databases or multiple SQL tables to a single MongoDB collection, and map table relationships (one-to-one, one-to-many) to JSON exactly as you need. Supports Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, and IBM DB2.

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