Download ApexSQL Log v2019.02.1245

ApexSQL Log v2019.02.1245

ApexSQL Log v2019.02.1245
ApexSQL Log v2019.02.1245

Find out who changed what and when. Review values before and after a change as well as the complete history of row changes, from initial insert to all subsequent updates or deletion. Identify and isolate rogue transactions and easily reverse them to repair damaged data without risk of additional data loss. Easily record loads on production and then replay them on staging, simulating a production environment.

Replicate changes, including both Data (DML) and Schema (DDL) from a Publisher database to a Subscriber, in minutes, with virtually no coding.

Continuously poll a transaction log and redirect output to a database, to create an easily accessible, always current, query-able version of your transaction log data.

Zero data
loss restores
When restoring from the most recent backup, any data added since the backup date will be lost. ApexSQL Log can capture those "missing" transactions and easily replicate them to your restored database, ensuring you never lose a single row of data from an emergency restore.

Restore lost or damaged data, down to the row level, directly from a backup, or even the online log, without having to restore the entire database.

Point in time
Roll back an entire database or only specific database tables to the exact point in time.

DDL auditing
Track any DDL changes and roll back any unintended structure changes on SQL Server database tables.

No downtime/data
loss migrations
Ensure that no transactions are missing after migration downtime by replaying the transactions which have occurred during the downtime period by replaying them on the migrated database by reading the transaction log file.

Reporting servers
Use ApexSQL Log to replicate changes from a Publisher database to a Subscriber to help maintain a reporting version of your production database, while offloading performance intensive queries.

Consolidate reports from multiple SQL Server databases into a single centralized reporting database and offload the performance impact while avoiding being forced to grant access to many SQL logins for multiple SQL Server instances.

Drill down and see the values before and after the change has occurred on the row level.

Peer to peer,
Perform bi-directional replication by replicating uni-directional process for each peer.

SQL injection
Immediately identify SQL injection attacks, isolate affected/damaged data and reverse/repair the damage.

Audit data, schema, and permission changesGain full visibility into your transaction logsRollback or replay any database transactionForensically investigate who changed what and whenImplement before and after auditingView a complete history of row changesReverse inadvertent or malicious database transactionsAvoid performance overhead and data storage

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