Download Studio 3T for MongoDB 2021.10.1

Studio 3T for MongoDB 2021.10.1

Studio 3T for MongoDB 2021.10.1
Studio 3T for MongoDB 2021.10.1

Studio 3T is the professional IDE, client, and GUI for MongoDB. The right tools to get more done in MongoDB – on Atlas or anywhere.

Forget the mongo shell as you know it. Save time with IntelliShell's live error highlighting and smart auto-completion of jаvascript standard library functions, shell-specific types and methods, operators, collection names, field names, shell helper commands, further completions on return values, and more. It’s an essential part of using MongoDB.

Write complex aggregate queries with greater confidence and accuracy. Break down queries into stages with Aggregation Editor, allowing you to apply various pipeline operators, debug, and check your results at every step.

Generate driver code from your MongoDB and SQL queries with Query Code. Convert your queries to one of seven target languages - jаvascript (Node.js), Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, and the mongo shell language - for an easy copy + paste job from Studio 3T and into your application.

View query plans and execution statistics stage by stage, and gather helpful information like execution times, stage outputs, and amount of data processed at a glance.

Configure and save imports, exports, SQL migrations, data comparisons, data masking, and Reschema jobs as tasks that you can later run on demand.

Take Tasks up a notch with Task Scheduler, which adds a scheduling functionality to fully automate repetitive imports, exports, SQL migrations, data comparisons, data masking, and Reschema tasks.

Import entire SQL databases or multiple SQL tables to a single MongoDB collection, and map table relationships (one-to-one, one-to-many) to JSON exactly as you need. Supports Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, and IBM DB2.

Export single or multiple MongoDB collections to a SQL file or database, and map MongoDB fields to SQL tables and columns before the export is run.

Know SQL but new to NoSQL? Be productive from day one with SQL Query. Write SQL expressions and joins to query MongoDB and view your SQL query's equivalent code in the mongo shell language, Java, jаvascript (Node.js), Python, C#, and PHP.

If you have a MongoDB Enterprise license, our Enterprise edition is the perfect complement. Easily deploy LDAP and Kerberos, its two supported authentication methods, while enjoying the full range of Studio 3T's advanced features.

Studio 3T Enterprise users can now import Oracle to MongoDB with our Import Wizard. Simply download the Oracle JDBC driver, update the settings under the JDBC Drivers tab in Preferences, and let Studio 3T load the rest dynamically. Studio 3T supports SQL import to MongoDB for all the major SQL databases: Oracle (Enterprise version only), Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

For the Enterprise Edition of Studio 3T a special Enterprise installer for Microsoft Windows is available. This features an MSI installer to ease deploying Studio 3T at scale within the Enterprise. Also, in this Enterprise version the auto-update feature is removed.

Studio 3T makes your life easier. With just one right-click of your mouse, you can assign, for example, a red color to your live MongoDB database to ensure that you can easily differentiate between live and test databases.

Worried that your MongoDB query results will get overwritten? Just click on the lock symbol as needed in the Result Tab toolbar or set your entire MongoDB connection to read-only by default, and explore query results with confidence and at ease.

With Data Compare and Sync, you can select entire MongoDB databases, specific collections, or particular query results to compare. Run the comparison, and you’ll see the differences side-by-side, and all results can be edited and/or synchronized in place.

MongoDB schema discovery and exploration has never been easier. Schema Explorer lets you easily discover the schema that is present across the documents in your collection to help you find data outliers. Drilling down into individual fields, you can see, for each field, various visual statistics relevant to the data type of that field.

The server status charts show real-time updates of what's happening on a MongoDB instance. Right-click on either a connection, database, or collection, and then easily customize which charts are shown. See charts such as Operation Counts, Current Connections, and Current Network Traffic, on one convenient screen.

Use our superb Map-Reduce screen to easily process each document and emit one or more objects for each input document. This is followed by a reduce stage that combines emitted objects from the output of the map operation.

Save even more time while switching views and tabs, editing documents, executing queries, and completing other common MongoDB tasks with Studio 3T's convenient hotkeys.

2021.10.1 (14-Dec-2021)
- Fixed: Connection Tree - Resolved an issue that could cause Studio 3T to crash when refreshing the connection tree.

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