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Raudus - Web-framework for Delphi and Lazarus 0.9.8

Raudus - Web-framework for Delphi and Lazarus 0.9.8
Raudus - Web-framework for Delphi and Lazarus 0.9.8 | Free for All

Raudus is a web-framework and component set for Delphi and Lazarus, that allow create Rich Internet Applications (RIA). The development process is very similar to desktop applications development. Using Raudus you create both client-side and server-side at the same time. UI components are shown at client, event handlers are executed at server. Raudus is well suitable for database applications.

WYSIWYG visual IDE. Raudus uses offscreen WebKit engine to deliver exact appearance of web-controls to IDE. Just place a button on a form and in a second the offscreen WebKit will paint it as it will appear in browser or mobile device.
Delphi-style application and forms.
Visual and non-visual components, delphi-style event handlers.
Coding in Pascal only. Minimal use of HTML, CSS and jаvascript. PHP is not used.
Easy debugging. Run application, refresh browser page and debug.
Truly stateful server-side applications. Close and open browser - and return to the same state.
AJAX techniques. Asynchronous requests. Page never reloads.
Timers, publishers (let you deliver pictures, HTML and arbitrary content to page).
TDataSource-compatible components to view and edit data.
Create your own components using HTML5, CSS3 and jаvascript.
High performance. Native server-side code is created.
User interface logic is kept securely on server. No code obfuscation needed. You do not risk to disclose your sources.
Standalone executable, Apache module or FastCGI application.
Full cross-browser applications.


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