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AWE Library 2.4 Full Source D5-XE8

AWE Library 2.4 Full Source D5-XE8
AWE Library 2.4 Full Source D5-XE8 | 31 kB

Address Windowing Extensions (AWE) for Delphi allows your applications to quickly manipulate physical memory greater than 4GB. Windows 2000 or higher is required.

See MSDN for detailed information regarding AWE API:


Available for Delphi 5 - XE8 and Lazarus 1.4
Source code included in full version
Royalty free distribution in applications


function TotalPhysicalMemory: Int64;

returns size of total physical memory in bytes

function AvailablePhysicalMemory: Int64;

returns size of available physical memory in bytes

function AllocPhysicalMemory(Size: LongWord): LongWord;

allocates specified amount of physical memory
returns 0 if memory cannot be allocated

function FreePhysicalMemory(Handle: LongWord): Boolean;

frees physical memory allocated by AllocPhysicalMemory

function MapPhysicalMemory(Handle: LongWord): Pointer;

maps physical memory to virtual memory space and provides pointer to memory
returns nil if memory cannot be mapped

function UnmapPhysicalMemory(Handle: LongWord): Boolean;

unmaps physical memory from virtual memory space
unmapped memory is no longer usable through memory pointer


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