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nrComm Lib Pro 9.44 Full Source Retail

nrComm Lib Pro 9.44 Full Source Retail
nrComm Lib Pro 9.44 Full Source Retail | 21 Mb

The nrComm Lib is set of Delphi VCL components, classes and routines for serial communication tasks. Library helps to get access to various devices: serial port, data and voice modems, barcode scanners, Human Interface Devices (HID), Bluetooth, USB, LPT, GSM, GPS and others. It provides solution for quick implementation almost any packet data protocol. It can work with sound and speech. Library allows send SMS messages over connected mobile phone (GSM terminal) and much more.

nrComm Lib evolving since 1999 and lives over 12 years. Latest release supports most oldest and newest Delphi/CBuilder versions. Our project is always in progress and our team will include into product new features for support modern device interfaces and system API.

nrComm Lib provides some tools for performing the serial communications
tasks in Delphi/CBuilder development. It has ready solutions for many
communication tasks and supports working with different types of devices:

* RS232, serial ports (native and virtual), USB2RS232 adapters etc.;
* Telephone API (TAPI) devices (data and voice modems);
* Text to speech conversion with voice modem output;
* direct access to LPT port;
* barcode readers;
* Bluetooth connections and devices;
* GSM (sms send receive, access to phonebook etc.);
* ZModem, Kermit file transfer protocol;
* HID (Human Interface Devices) devices;
* Terminal control with VT100 support;
* USB - device detection, WinUSB or lightweight nrUsb.SYS installation, I/O operations;
* ready solution for implementation any data packet protocol TnrDataProcessor component
* 32bit and 64bit are full support. All needed drivers are signed and can be installed on x64 Windows;
* event logging and other more.

nrComm Lib v9.44 [09 May 2016]
1) New. Support RAD Studio XE10.1 version 24.0.22858.6822
2) Fix. Modbus fix for rarely bug in IgnoreRepeatFunc mode
3) Fix. Gsm. Some changes in diagnostic command set
4) New. Some changes in context help


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