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OrangeUI FMX 1.65 XE10-D10.1

OrangeUI FMX 1.65 XE10-D10.1
OrangeUI FMX 1.65 XE10-D10.1 | 203 Mb

OrangeUI, take the name of my English name is Orange, love oranges Well, DelphiTeacher is my screen name. OrangeUI is designed and developed from the beginning of 2012, the need for major changes in the way encounter many things, many a time span does not last ridge, some features could not think of a good solution, I also make every effort, been five or six times hospitals, exhaustion into residues (daisy residual residual count it, also spent a good few teeth, toothache death), and sometimes abandoned research and development, but the heart has also been thinking about. Until the spring of 2014, taking advantage of the new year, finishing up their plan to restart the OrangeUI research and development.

There are many excellent skin controls, the domestic like DDUI, recently jumped out of MLSkin, foreign Dev Express, Raize, Bussiness Skin, Alpha Controls, etc., regardless of which one is more powerful, OrangeUI still a rookie, can not be with them comparisons. OrangeUI is the starting point to solve the complex changes in interface controls, and to abandon hand-drawn interface code.

Because OrangeUI code is a set of cross-VCL and FMX, so I wrote a new control can be used in both platforms, mobile platforms need to have a more friendly interactivity, more intuitive interface, easier maneuverability, and now Delphi mobile development just pop up, so I am currently controls the main direction is the development of mobile platforms, allowing mobile platform developers no longer difficult to achieve and worry for the interface, a set of interfaces in a consistent performance across platforms, focused on the business functions of the software process . Etc. OrangeUI most mobile phones currently on the market can solve software interface, then part of the energy into the Windows platform.

This year, I DelphiTeacher goal is to achieve the full development of OrangeUI, so many people can use to easily develop OrangeUI nice interface, OrangeUI will certainly break through more kinds of difficulties, a strong trend continues.

OrangeUI FMX 1.65 XE10-D10.1 Only for V.I.P OrangeUI FMX 1.65 XE10-D10.1
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