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Viscomsoft Image Viewer CP Pro ActiveX Control 12.6.0

Viscomsoft Image Viewer CP Pro ActiveX Control 12.6.0
Viscomsoft Image Viewer CP Pro ActiveX Control 12.6.0 | 22 Mb

It is a PDF Viewer and Document Viewer SDK , Export to PDF ,Image processing, 1D and 2D Barcode Reader, Writer, DICOM and OCR with C#, C++, VB.NET , VB, Delphi, Vfp, MS Access.

Key Features

Support save to PDF with JPEG compression or ZIP compression. Support for Unicode PDF/A OCR generation (PDF Image plus hidden searchable text). (need add-ons OCR Module ) Perform OCR processes an entire page or only specific areas in a page. Support for more than 50 languages such as Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Indonesian, Hebrew, Russian, Korean, Polish, Thai, Vietnamese... (need add-ons OCR Module ) Convert multipage PDF, TIFF to single, multi-page PDF. Support render password protected PDF document. View and printing PDF, Fax documents, MNG, Raw Image ( cr2, nef , crw, mrw, raf, erf, 3fr, dcr, raw, dng, pef, x3f, arw, sr2, mef, prf), BMP, GIF, ICO, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PCX, PNG, PSD, TIF, WMF, WBMP, TGA, PGX, RAS, PNM image files. Support convert PDF, TIF to single or multi-page Microsoft Word (.docx) File without installed Microsoft Word. Support create Microsoft Word (.docx) File and add images and texts to specific page. Support read Photoshop PSD file and read each layer information, e.g. layer name, layer image size , export the layer to transparent PNG file. Support draw arc, bezier, ellipse, circle, line, pie, rectangle, filled ellipse, filled pie, filled rectangle, texture line with alpha channel support. (You may use DrawFillRectangle method highlight the text on image) Support use JPEG compression, adjust quality when call OCR2SearchablePDF and OCR2SearchableMultipagePDF methods. it can output small size of PDF/A file. support displaying PDF file faster, displaying better quality and support more PDF files. Supported Merge PDF files, Split a multi-page PDF File, Add the PDF File to specific position of existing PDF File, Delete Page of PDF file and Crop specific part of PDF file.(need add-ons Advanced PDF Viewer and PDF Edit Module) support display monochrome, grayscale, palletized and true color DICOM images.(need add-ons DICOM Module ) support reads a specified frame in a multi-framed DICOM image. (need add-ons DICOM Module ) support playback all frames in a multi-framed DICOM image. (need add-ons DICOM Module) support read all patient metadata from DICOM images.(need add-ons DICOM Module) read 1D and 2D barcodes in images. Supported UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, ITF, Codabar, MSI, RSS-14 (all variants), QR Code, Data Matrix, Aztec and PDF-417. Automatic barcode type detection, Read multiple barcodes at any orientation. High-speed barcode recognition and return sureness value of each detected barcode. (need add-ons Barcode Reader Module) support write QR Barcode to image files or HBITMAP, custom define background, foreground color, version number, error level and border size. (need add-ons Barcode Writer Module) supported output Codabar, Codec 11, Code128A, Code128B, Code128C, Codec 3 of 9, Industrial 2 from 5, Interleave 2 from 5, Matrix 2 from 5, Code 128, EAN 8, EAN 13, Plessey, UPC-A, UPC-E Barcode.(need add-ons Barcode Writer Module ) supported Writes barcodes to image file or HBITMAP handle, Preview Barcode on Screen, Set the bounding rectangle of barcodes, Supports check digits for barcodes that use them, Supports visible or invisible the barcode value. Optical Character Recognition - OCR PDF, BMP, GIF, ICO, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PCX, PNG, PSD, TIF, WMF, WBMP, TGA, PGX, RAS, PNM to memory text or text file. (need add-ons OCR Module ) Support convert Multi-page PDF, TIFF image to memory text or unicode text file.(need add-ons OCR Module ) Retrieve Recognized character location and confidence.(need add-ons OCR Module ) Support character filter for recognize only digits, only upper case, lower case character or specific character.(need add-ons OCR Module ) Powerful zoom in, zoom out, panning, auto zoom and auto scrolling when drawing selection rectangle. Convert images from any color resolution to any other color resolution (1 bit, 4 bit, 8 bit, 8 bit grayscale, 16 bit, 24 bit, 32 bit). Split a multi-page TIFF File with a single function call at a specified location without displaying or decoding any of the images. (Very Fast) Merge a number of multi-page TIFF file into one TIFF file with a single function call without displaying or decoding any of the images. (Very Fast) Add, Delete the TIFF image to specific position of existing TIFF File without displaying or decoding any of the images. (Very Fast) Swap a pages from multipage TIFF file without displaying or decoding any of the images. (Very Fast) Support rotate Multipage TIFF or PDF file. Support save as BMP, GIF, ICO, JP2, JPC, JPEG, PCX, PDF,PGX, PNG, PNM, RAS, TGA, TIF, WBMP. Very smooth scrolling when display big image file. Create thumbnail image from BMP, GIF, ICO, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PCX, PNG, PSD, TIF, WMF, WBMP, TGA, PGX, RAS, PNM image files. Support Capture image from URL. Support load image from IStream. Support Lightness, Brightness, Contrast, Diffuse, Emboss, FocalBW, Gamma, InvertColor, Monochrome, Noise, SharpenEdge adjustment, AntiNoise and more effects. Support save as multipage TIFF images ( Packbits, LZW, CCITT G.3 and G.4). Create multipage TIFF images from BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, ICO, TIF Files. Advanced multi-page printing, including Print more than one image on the same page, Print range of pages from a multi-page file, Print multi-page images in single print jobs, Stretch an image to fit the printed page. Draw multiline text on image and provide over 50 different text styles and watermark style. Draw overlay image, logo with watermark style and adjust transparent color. Merge two image files and adjust watermark style and transparent color. Read, write EXIF image information.Including TIFF tags, GPS tags. Add Photo Border on image. Has ability to drag scroll, mark a selection, crop, zoom in , zoom out on selection image. Read, write binary data types for storage of images embedded in the database table. e.g. Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL. Import Image From PictureBox, Clipboard. Export Image to HBITMAP, PictureBox, Clipboard. Resize image resolution to specific size and export to JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG file formats. Allow you print the image to printer. Has ability add text to an image when printing. Able to export color Image to grayscale. Has ability to rotate,flip and zoom the image easily. Able to support loading Multi-Page Image File(TIF). Provide a value-added function called \"Map System helper\", which help you to develop an application that involved with electronic map creation or map-related function. Support keyboard or mouse wheel scrolling image. Provide User Define Display Area. User Define Zoom in or Zoom out value. Include VB.Net 2015 C#2015, VB.NET 2010, C# 2010, Visual Basic, Visual Basic Script (vbs), Visual C , Visual Foxpro, Delphi, Access, Web Page Sample Code. Compatible with any programming language that supports ActiveX (Access, Visual C , Visual Basic , Visual Foxpro, Delphi, .Net, etc.) Royalty free distribution of the OCX file.

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