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VideoLab VCL and FireMonkey 32/64 bit with Source

VideoLab VCL and FireMonkey 32/64 bit with Source
VideoLab VCL and FireMonkey 32/64 bit with Source

The latest version of VideoLab supports the old fashioned Windows API( Video For Windows ( VFW ), VCM, WaveAPI, ACM), the newer DirectShow, DMO, the free FreeFrame and even allows if needed any mixture of them. The developer can choose the technology and can switch from one to the other at any moment: VideoLab hides the complexity of the chosen technology and makes the components look almost identical from the developer's perspective.

Here is the full list of the supported technologies:

Win32 API:

Video For Windows ( VFW )
Video Compression Manager ( VCM )
Audio Compression Manager ( ACM )


Direct Media Objects ( DMO )


Intel MMX
Intel Performance Primitives ( IPP )

Free Third Party Libraries:

FreeFrame and FreeFrameGL

The library includes AVI Player, AVI Logger with compression capabilities, DirectShow Video Player and Video Logger, Noise generators, Test Image generator, Video Display, and DirectShow video Render, Histogram, a large set of filters, geometric transformation components, Mixers, Effects, a Win32 API and DirectShow Video Capture component. Some additional components from the SignalLab and PlotLab have been added to allow processing Histogram Data, and components from AudioLab are included to allow basic audio processing and display.

Our component libraries come in 3 versions a VCL - Firemonkey version (for Delphi / C++ Builder / RAD Studio XE4 to 10.1 Berlin), an MFC compatible Visual C++ version, and a .NET 2.0 and 4.0 (4.5 and 4.6 compatible) supporting Visual Studio 2005 to 2015.

The RAD Studio version is a set of native VCL and Firemonkey components of which all include now the powerful Mitov Runtime.

Applications include:

Video Capture - Record videos from camcorder, Web Cam or IP Camera.
DVD Player - Plays DVDs.
Screen Capture - Record videos from the screen.
Combine - Mix, merge, split and transition videos.
Convert - converts video from one format to another.
Filtering - perform batch filtering on videos.
Jukeboxes, and Play Lists - play sequences with cool transition effects.
Transparency - mix videos by using transparent colors.
Broadcast - compress and broadcast the video.
Playback - create playback applications.
Video editing - create video editing and analysis applications.
Video streams - watch video from video streaming servers.

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