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Brilliant Code Delphi Tokyo 10.2

Brilliant Code Delphi Tokyo 10.2
Brilliant Code Delphi Tokyo 10.2 | 364 kB

Brilliant Code - a set of tools that allow for quick and comfortable writing code in Delphi. Extended light allows to perceive the code more efficient. Optimized navigation and search functions allow you to save time in finding the right area of ​​the program. A via refactoring methods routine operations can be avoided when changing code sections.

Main features:

Automatically search and shading variables, methods, constants, types in the selected color
Shading code input stage
Isolation structures begin..end, try..finally..end and other
Isolation brackets (..) and [..]

This is the main function of the program. Due to the special illumination of the Delphi language syntax to write the code and to focus it will become much easier and more convenient.

What is the "specialty" of the backlight? The Delphi IDE is not possible to tint different color properties, functions, constants, variables, since the source code is divided into the system on reserved words, strings, comments and other text, which may be only one color. This plugin solves this problem by giving the option to choose a different color for the properties, functions, procedures, constants and variables that change the perception of the code.

Example unpainted class in Delphi IDE:

Brilliant Code allows you to select the design language:

begin ... end
try ... finally ... end
try ... except ... end
repeat ... until
class ... end
case ... end
record ... end
and etc.
and parentheses (...) and [...]

Example selection of designs:


In Delphi 2007 and Delphi 2009, the default background of the current line highlighted by a specific color, erasing with the background of the selected blocks and brackets. There are three ways to solve this problem:
Set background backlight blocks and brackets is the same as in the rest of the code
If you need a background in backlight units, you can turn off the backlight of the current line. Disabling shown below:

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