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VCLZip 4.5.1 for Tokyo 10.2

VCLZip 4.5.1 for Tokyo 10.2
VCLZip 4.5.1 for Tokyo 10.2 | 802 kB

The VCLZip Delphi component allows you to add ZIP and UNZIP capabilites to your application. This component is different from most other "ZIP" development libraries in that it is written in 100% Delphi Object Pascal code and is full featured. There are no DLL's to tote around. This component links right into your application's executable. It is very easy to use.

Just SOME of the features include:

Create zip files fully compatable with PKZip
Completely native Delphi VCL (NO DLLS)
Create Disk Spanning and Blocked zip files
Delphi 4, 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009 compatible
C++ Builder 4, 5 6, 2007, and 2009 compatible
Zip directly from streams to zip files
Unzip directly to streams from zip files
Stream to Stream zipping and unzipping
Unzip directly to memory buffers
Zip directoy from memory buffers
Create and read Zip and File Comments
Create Self Extracting Zip Files (16 bit and 32 bit distributable
Windows sfx stubs included (source included for these too) or use your own stubs)
Complete support for encrypted files (encrypts as it zips)
Save Relative Path information
Unzip using Relative Paths (even if zip file wasn't created with relative path info)
Use enhanced wildcards
Exclude List (tell VCLZip which files not to include (use wildcards too))
NoCompress (STORE) List (tell VCLZip which files to just store (use wildcards too)
Set your own temp directory
Plenty of events
Long filenames, even the 16 bit VCLZip/VCLUnZip
Includes comprehensive Zip Utility with source as demo
Includes a small stream zipping demo
Includes a context sensitive help file
Use Unicode filenames, archive names, and pathnames (except for Delphi/BCB 4 and5) .
No Royalties!
AES Strong Encryption
Zip64 capabilities, properties, methods and events:
Uncompressed, Compressed, and Archive file sizes can be up to 2^63-1 bytes in length.
You can compress up to 2147483647 files into an archive. This is compatible with PKZip's Zip64 format.
If a file does not extend beyond any of the original limitations (filesizes of 4 gig or 65535 files) then no Zip64 format information is included in the archive.
property isZip64 - tells you when you are working with a zip file that is using Zip64 format.
Faster processing due to linking to Zlib 1.2.3 object files for compression and decompression routines.
Blocked Zip Files (spanned zip archives split onto hard drive)
Compatible with PKZip and WinZip split archives file naming format.
For backwards compatability you can tell VCLZip to use the old VCLZip filenaming format by using the BlockMode property.

VCLZip constists of two components. TVCLUnZip which handles all of the viewing and unzipping responsibilities and TVCLZip which descends from TVCLUnZip and adds all of the zipping features.

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