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TMS Async32 Full Source D5-DX10.2 Tokyo

TMS Async32 Full Source D5-DX10.2 Tokyo
TMS Async32 Full Source D5-DX10.2 Tokyo | 631 kB

Asynchronous serial communications made easy for your Delphi & C++Builder applications. TMS Async is a communications package containing components which provide access to the serial ports under Windows. The event-driven architecture provides the highest possible performance and allows all the tools to run in the background.

A proven concept for over 6 years.
Advanced class object structure.
Advanced but easy to use design interface.
Optimized even t-driven architecture.
Provides the highest possible performance.
Supports all important transfer protocols.
Components to build advanced comport servers.
Easy to use with any type of serial hardware.
Links directly to your EXE, no runtime.
Built-in support for XModem, YModem & ZModem protocols
Codeless terminal component with extendable emulation interface
Component for codeless visualisation of status


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