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HTML Component Library 3.63 D7-XE10.2

HTML Component Library 3.63 D7-XE10.2
HTML Component Library 3.63 D7-XE10.2 | 42 Mb

HTML Component Library is a cross-patform and 100% native HTML rendering library for Delphi that brings all the power of HTML/CSS into desktop and mobile Delphi applications. Unlike other «HTML-like» libraries it is based on powerful HTML/CSS rendering core with full support of HTML 4.1 and CSS 3 (some of HTML 5 tags are also supported). Tables, shadows, transitions, animations, SVG images, tranforms and much more. No DLL’s, no ActiveX, no third party libraries dependencies, only pure native Delphi code.


Library supports all Delphi versions from ancient Delphi 5 to Delphi 10.1 Berlin. For Delphi XE4 - Delphi 10.1 Berlin all FMX platforms are supported - Win32/64, OSX, Android and iOS.

Unicode (including Right-to-Left) is supported even for non-unicode Delphi 5 - 2007 using widestrings and TNT Unicode library.

Updates for new Delphi versions are released in one week (max) after Delphi release.


Library core contains:

HTML parser with full support of HTML standard and ability to handle incorrect markup. It was tested on thousands of real-world emails so missed closed tags and incorrect tag order is not a problem. Also it is currently fastest native HTML parser for Delphi.
XML Parser with XPath support.
CSS parser with CSS 3 support.
DOM classes with JQuery support.
SVG rendering library.
HTTP client with native implementation for Windows and OSX and https support.
HTML rendering core.
Set of rendering canvaces (GDI, GDI+, FMX, Android)
Set of HTML-enabled VCL controls including Label, Panel, ListBox, ComboBox, Tabs, CheckBox, RadioButton, Virtual Tree, CategoryButtons, BalloonHint.
Powerful cross-platform scripting engine
HTML rendering class is separated from drawing class so you can choose between available drawing classes or write your own. Currently library contains GDI and GDI+ canvases for VCL, FMX canvas for FMX Win32/64, iOS, Android and OSX and also native Android canvas.


Library core is heavily optimized and extremely fast. Parsing speed is about 100Mb/s so parsing of typical 100Kb document takes only 1ms. Style and layout calculations takes additional 20ms for 100Kb document.

Using of native canvas on Android provides smooth scrolling and zoom similar to native Android applications (much better than FMX controls) and correct text rendering with full RTL support, kerning pairs and baseline alignment.

How to use

Drop THtPanel on form and set it’s HTML property. That’s all you have to do to get HTML viewer with automatic scrollbars, build-in zoom support (Ctrl+Wheel or zoom gesture), gestures support for both VCL and FMX, picture loading (from file or internet) with BMP, JPEG, PNG, ICO and GIF support, hints (HTML title attribute) animations and transitons (for elements with :hover or :active styles).

To simply draw HTML on Canvas write

Doc := THtDocument.Create;
Doc.Draw(Canvas, Rect);

Why do I need it?

VCL and FMX contains a lot of powerful controls with many features. But what if you need something non-standard, for example put an image into listbox item?

Of course writing OnDraw event handler and using canvas methods is a simplest way... as long as image is not placed inside the text and text not contains several lines and some formatting. With HTML enabled list box you can just add Some text with formatting and image

How many lines of code is neccesary to draw simple rounded rectangle with shadow and gradient? Or tiled background image Or symbol table Changing HTML property could turn simple Panel into this.

This update introduces new HTML Email framework, designed for simplifying adding email client
features to Delphi applications.
It has no GUI dependencies, so can be used for service application as well as for desktop clients.
Framework doesn't contains own classes for POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols or database access but instead
can use any existing internet/DB library, which can be easily replaced without rewriting main application.

Background loading (each account is checked in a separate thread).
Detection of main (body) part.
SSL/StarTLS support.
Automatic DB tables/triggers creation (current version has SQL scripts for Firebird and Oracle).
Creation of email summary (annotation).
Automatic creation of full text search index (for any SQL database).
Documents in MS Word DOCX and RTF formats can be included in full text search index.
Any internet library can be used for POP3/IMAP protocols (current version contains adapters for Indy, ICS and Synapse).
Any DB access library can be used to store emails (current version include FireDAC adapter).

HTML Component Library

1. New powerful cross-platform scripting engine:
Main features:
Extremely fast parsing and compilation.
Using Delphi methods and properties via RTTI (2010+).
Easy registration of Delphi functions (no need for special intermediate functions, just pass function address and description).
Anonymous functions.
for .. in .. statement.
DLL functions.
Ordinal types helpers
Using script functions as Delphi event handlers.
Debugging and logging support.
Set of and array parameters.
Asynchronous and delayed execution
HTML documents integration (JQuery $ operator)

HTML Report Library
1. Added Script section to DATAPACKET.
2. Added report-objects element - create report objects inside report from SQL, expression or script.
3. Side-by-side bars chart.
4. Box-and-whiskers charts.
5. Area charts.
6. Expressions support in chart series attributes - x, y, hint.
7. New component - THtReportPanel.
8. Record filters in DATAPACKET and CHART.

HTML Editor Library

1. iOS and Android support.
2. DefaultParaTag property - determine which tag will be added when user press Enter.
3. New options - eoEmbedDropperImages, eoEmbedPastedImages - turn on embedding of dropped or pasted images.
4. New sample Chat application.
5. Improved table area selection.
6. Merge table cells method.
7. Inplace adding of table column/row.
8. Live text styles preview for HtFontCombo, HtFontSizeCombo, HtTextColorCombo, HtBackgroundCombo.
9. "Fixed columns" checkbox in AddTable Combo.
10. New Event - OnPrepareClipboardImage.
11. New demo for iOS and Android.

HTML Component Library, HTML Report Library, HTML Editor Library version 3.63 released.
What's new:
FMXLinux support for HCL, Editor and Reports
DirectX canvas (VCL).
Native iOS canvas
Export to PDF on iOS
New VCL controls - THtSpeedButton,THtPopupMenu, THtComboListBox.
Print preview frame for Delphi 6 - 2010.
Print preview frame for FMX.

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