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ImageKit9 VCL Delphi 10.1 Berlin

ImageKit9 VCL Delphi 10.1 Berlin
ImageKit9 VCL Delphi 10.1 Berlin | 12 Mb

The ImageKit9 VCL PC developer license allows a software developer to use the ImageKit9 VCL to make executable applications ON A SPECIFIC NUMBER OF COMPUTERS. The PC developer licenses require activation after they are installed. A seperate PC developer license is required for each computer where the ImageKit9 VCL is used to develop software. PC developer licenses are perpetual licenses that do not expire.

Runtime Distribution Licenses

The ImageKit9 VCL runtime distribution license is included with the ImageKit9 VCL PC Developer license. This means that the PC Developer license holder is able to make and distribute applications containing ImageKit9 VCL functionality without limit or additional royalties. However, for applications that exist on a webserver, each web server where such applications exist must have a separate ImageKit9 VCL WebServer Runtime License.

The ImageKit9 VCL is a component that allows you to add image processing functionality to your applications quickly and easily. With the ImageKit9 VCL, you can write applications that retrieve images from TWAIN scanners and digital cameras; that load and save image files and convert images from one format to another; that edit images, draw shapes and text on images; that display images and print images; that display images as thumbnails, and much more. Most all of the ImageKit9 functionality is also available in DLL style API.

The ImageKit9 VCL has the same stable, easy to use functions as always and supports touch screen capabilites, web camera controls (in Delphi only), and new scanning functions.

The ImageKit9 VCL has no annual subscription fees. Download the latest maintenance releases, updates, and bug fixes from the support section of our website. License holders can download ImageKit9 VCL installers for all supported versions of Delphi and C++Builder.

The ImageKit9 VCL contains of five controls: the ImageKit control; three web camera controls, Record, Play, Preview; and the Thumbnail control. The ImageKit control provides comprehensive image-processing, printing, drawing, and scanning functionality. The WebCamera controls allow you to program and manipulate movie images from web cameras. The Thumbnail control provides an easy interface for displaying images as thumbnails. These controls are shipped in 4 editions: a 64 bit unicode edition, a 32 bit unicode edition, a 64 bit ANSI edition, and a 32 bit ANSI edition.

Main Features - The ImageKit control provide functions that can retrieve images from TWAIN scanners and digital cameras, that can display and edit images, that can draw text and shapes on images or apply effect filters and transformations to images, that can make composite images from two seperate images, that can load and save image files and convert images from one format to another, that can print images,

Main Features - The Thumbnail control provides an easy to use interface for displaying images as thumbnails. Select single thumbnails and display original image; select multiple thumbnails, save thumbnail information to file for quick loading, and more.

The ImageKit control provides a useful Pan Window which can display the entire image while only a portion of that image is being displayed in the ImageKit Control. That portion of the entire image in the ImageKit Control is marked with a rectangle in the Pan Window. You can scroll the portion of the image displayed in the ImageKit control by moving this rectangle in the Pan Window. Multiple images simultaneously displayed in the ImageKit Control will also be shown in the Pan Window. Both raster and vector images are supported.

Support for text orientation, edge enhancement, text enhancement [Canon DR Scanners] - NEW!

Support for reflective scanning positive film, color/BW ratio detection, character distinction, focus position adjustment [Epson Scanners] - NEW!

Support for multistream [Panasonic Scanners] - NEW!

Support for Color/BW ratio detection, multistream [PFU Scanners] - NEW!

Support for skipping blank page - NEW!

Support for punch hole removal [Canon DR Scanners] [Epson Scanners] [Panasonic Scanners] - NEW!

Support for saving TWAIN driver UI information and scanning with that information - NEW!

Support for memory transfer with compression (JPEG, PNG)

Support for file transfer
Set and retrieve the compression method for file and memory transfer. Compression methods include: Uncompressed (default), Packbits, Group3-1D, Group3-1DEOL, Group3-2D, Group4, Jpeg, Lzw, Jbig, Png, Rle4, Rle8, Bitfields

Support for dropout color
This sets the dropout color when using a custom-built scan interface.

Support for noise filter
Reduces noise in black and white (1-bit color) images.

Support for image filter
Improves image quality. LOWPASS improves halftone images, BANDPASS improves images that include text, and HIGHPASS improves images that have lines.

Auto paper size detection
When paper size is set to "undefined" (1000), this function automatically detects the size of the paper and scans.

Support for deskew
Corrects skewed documents

Support for moire filter [Epson Scanners]
Sets the moire Filter when scanning with a custom-built scan interface

Support for unsharpness filter [Epson Scanners]
Sets the Epson Unsharpness Filter when scanning with a custom-built scan interface

Support for dynamic threshold [Panasonic Scanners]
Improves clarity and reduces "smudginess" when scanning with a custom-built scan interface

Support for deskew smoothing [Panasonic Scanners]
Significantly reduces jagged lines and text

ADF duplex scanning support
ADF duplex scanning support
Retrieve thumbnail images from digital cameras
Supports monochrome halftone settings
Supports scaling
Set paper size when scanning
Retrieve the range of setting values for a give scan property

Select the scan device
Displays a dialog that allows you to select the scan device you wish to use from all the scan devices installed. If you know the scan device's datasource name, you can shortcut this functionality and directly initialize the scan device. It is also possible to retrieve the datasource list displayed in the dialog.

Supports both scanner manufacturer's UI and custom built UI
Not only supports scan user interface provided by the scanner manufacturer but also supports the custom scan user interface that you build.

Supports continuous scanning with ADF (auto document feeder) or digital camera. (both manufacturer and custom UI)

Provides functions to set scanning conditions (custom UI) and retrieve scan information (both manufacturer and custom UI)
Scanning Conditons include: pixel type, scan location, resolution, image bitcount, brightness, contrast, gamma correction, highlight, threshold, shadow, scan indicator on/off, scan mode (document plate, ADF, digital camera, etc.), specify datasource name, select user interface (use manufacturer UI, use manufacturer UI and close after scan, use custom UI), scan units (inches, centimeters, pixels...)

Scanning Information includes: scan location, resolution, scan units (inches, centimeters, pixels...)

Provides events that you can hook into for each scan even when using continuous scanning via ADF or digital camera.

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