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ComPort for Android USB 2.6 XE6-D10.2

ComPort for Android USB 2.6 XE6-D10.2
ComPort for Android USB 2.6 XE8-D10.2 | 2 Mb

Delphi and C++ Builder serial communication library for USB connected devices for Android.

uses usb-serial-for-android library
supports FT232R, CDC/ACM (Arduino Uno), CP2102 and CH34x chips
no special root access privileges needed
available for Delphi/C++ Builder XE6 - 10.2
royalty free distribution in applications


JUsbSerialPortClass = interface(IJavaClass)
  property DATABITS_5: Integer read;
  property DATABITS_6: Integer read;
  property DATABITS_7: Integer read;
  property DATABITS_8: Integer read;
  property FLOWCONTROL_NONE: Integer read;
  property FLOWCONTROL_RTSCTS_IN: Integer read;
  property FLOWCONTROL_RTSCTS_OUT: Integer read;
  property FLOWCONTROL_XONXOFF_IN: Integer read;
  property FLOWCONTROL_XONXOFF_OUT: Integer read;
  property PARITY_EVEN: Integer read;
  property PARITY_MARK: Integer read;
  property PARITY_NONE: Integer read;
  property PARITY_ODD: Integer read;
  property PARITY_SPACE: Integer read;
  property STOPBITS_1: Integer read;
  property STOPBITS_1_5: Integer read;
  property STOPBITS_2: Integer read;

JUsbSerialPort = interface(IJavaInstance)
  procedure close;
  function getCD: Boolean;
  function getCTS: Boolean;
  function getDriver: JUsbSerialDriver;
  function getDSR: Boolean;
  function getDTR: Boolean;
  function getPortNumber: Integer;
  function getRI: Boolean;
  function getRTS: Boolean;
  function getSerial: JString;
  procedure open(connection: JUsbDeviceConnection);
  function purgeHwBuffers(purgeReadBuffers: Boolean; purgeWriteBuffers: Boolean): Boolean;
  function &read(dest: TJavaArray<Byte>; timeoutMillis: Integer): Integer;
  procedure setDTR(value: Boolean);
  procedure setParameters(baudRate: Integer; dataBits: Integer; stopBits: Integer; parity: Integer);
  procedure setRTS(value: Boolean);
  function &write(src: TJavaArray<Byte>; timeoutMillis: Integer): Integer;

JSerialInputOutputManager_Listener = interface(IJavaInstance)
  procedure onNewData(data: TJavaArray<Byte>);
  procedure onRunError(e: JException);

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