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Delphi MLSkin 3.2.3 for Tokyo

Delphi MLSkin 3.2.3 for Tokyo
Delphi MLSkin 3.2.3 for Tokyo | 7 Mb

MLSkin is below a Delphi skin components, is based on standard components Delphi inherited, extended a lot of useful features for developers calling property; and in the use of standard VCL components or less, but the display style is quite different can easily achieve effects like QQ as skin, you want to change the display style you have to do is reload a picture can be; most of the components which can be used alone, does not depend on the form of the skin, display can be customized, highly flexible; currently this skin component provides more than 50 common components, more than 10 utility Demo, you can easily and quickly achieve the effect you want.

Delphi7, Delphi2007, Delphi2009, Delphi2010, DelphiXE, DelphiXE2, DelphiXE3, DelhpiXE4, DelphiXE5, DelphiXE6, DelphiXE7, DelphiXE8, Delphi10.Seattle, Tokyo


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