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TMS LCL HW Pack for Raspberry Pi

TMS LCL HW Pack for Raspberry Pi
TMS LCL HW Pack for Raspberry Pi

Open-source seamless access components for Raspberry Pi breakouts.

Feature overview
The TMS LCL HW Pack for Raspberry Pi contains components that offer seamless access to various breakouts.

Accessing external hardware from a Raspberry Pi becomes as simple as dropping a component on the form and setting some properties or calling some methods. Reach-out to an exciting new world of electronics now from your Pascal applications running on Raspberry Pi with this open-source bundle of components. No need to go delving into IC docs or puzzling bits together from very limited or non-existing documentation. Just connect and go.

v1.1.0.0 : Jan 17, 2016

- New : TTMSLCLAda8x8MatrixLed component
- New : DrawVertLine, DrawHorzLine in TTMSLCLAdaDispl128x32
- New : DrawCharLarge, DrawTextLarge in TTMSLCLAdaDispl128x32
- New : SPI access base control
- New : TTMSLCLAdaFram8KSPI component: SPI based FRAM module access
- New : TTMSLCLAdaI2CIOExpander component : I2C 16 port GPIO extender

v1.0.0.0 : Dec 31, 2015
First release

6 components:
- TTMSLCLAdaQuad7SegLed,
- TTMSLCLAdaDispl128x32
- TTMSLCLAdaDispl16x2

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